Spicy food in Sichuan

Last year in China my friend Jon and I were picked up from our hotel in Chengdu by Peter, our Chinese friend and his family.  On the way I decided to take some photos of the local traffic…always interesting in China.fullsizeoutput_7c7fullsizeoutput_7ca

fullsizeoutput_7c4Jon and I had tried the Chongqing hot pot so now Peter’s dad wanted us to try the Sichuan hot pot; not as spicy he said…not sure I agree!!  So we start off with the hot pot with water and lots of spices and chilli…fullsizeoutput_7baVegetables are added…fullsizeoutput_7bbAnd this is the end result; boiling spicy water and oil…fullsizeoutput_7bcOur vegetables, noodles and meat were kindly chosen by Peter’s parents and brought to a side table.fullsizeoutput_7bdfullsizeoutput_7c0fullsizeoutput_7c2All cooked in the boiling water…IMG_3107And placed in our individual bowls filled with oil, spices, chilli, peanuts and greens…fullsizeoutput_7befullsizeoutput_7bfMy cooked noodles were then placed into my bowl and I must say they were absolutely delicious.fullsizeoutput_7c3And delicious soy milk for me because the chilli certainly was spicy!!fullsizeoutput_7b9Really miss this fabulous food!