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A couple of day trips in Bali

fullsizeoutput_7b5Whilst in Bali last year, I stayed in Seminyak but had heard a lot about Canggu so the girls and I hired a van and driver and off we went.  The drive should be about thirty minutes but with traffic we were driving for over an hour.  I think Canggu would be a lovely place to stay if you wanted peace away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta or even the quieter Seminyak. Lots of vegan cafes and restaurants there too. Unfortunately one poor car never made it; clearly misjudged the narrow road and was lodged in one of the gutters…oops!!fullsizeoutput_7b4On our way to the seaside restaurant in Canggu we stopped off at a tourist site with a lovely waterfall.  fullsizeoutput_7acfullsizeoutput_7adfullsizeoutput_7abfullsizeoutput_7aeWe then drove further to a lovely pub/restaurant overlooking the water.  You could choose your own meat/vegetables/fish and the staff cooked it on an outside grill and then you selected your own salad – great selections and topped off with a glass of wine to take in the views.fullsizeoutput_7b3fullsizeoutput_7aafullsizeoutput_7a8fullsizeoutput_7a9My next day trip was this year to Ubud where with my brother, nephew and friend Kylie, we decided to visit the rice terraces but after being in the car for quite some time we decided against it.  Traffic was dreadful so instead we popped into a large restaurant called Rai Pasti that overlooked rice paddies [rather than terraces].  Food was ok but really not spectacular but it was nice to have a break after being in the car for a long period.fullsizeoutput_7b2fullsizeoutput_7b1The restaurant serves Balinese classics such as tempeh goreng [fried bean curd with a sweet sambal sauce], soto ayam (chicken noodle broth) and ikan pepes( fish with spice paste steamed in banana leaves). My nephew wanted more western food on this occasion and the menu was extensive serving pizza, fries and hamburgers.  I think from memory he had a bowl of pasta.  Whilst eating our meal, we did have nice views of the rice fields…fullsizeoutput_7affullsizeoutput_7b0Great couple of days with lovely scenery out but traffic in Bali is horrendous…so just be prepared!fullsizeoutput_7b6