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A friend of mine moved to Ulladulla from Canberra a couple of years ago and I have been promising to visit her for some time so finally made arrangements for my puppy dogs to be cared for and hopped into my car for a five day trip. Ulladulla is a coastal town on the south coast of New South Wales which is about a two and a half hour drive from Canberra. It’s also a place that a lot of Canberrans either go to visit during weekends and holidays renting out homes and apartments or actually have a holiday home in the area.

On the day we arrived, my friend Mandy and I went for a walk so I could see the area she lives and we did a bit of shopping for dinner that evening. My friend Mandy has views of the ocean from her home so it was nice to get closer to the ocean and walk along the beachfront as our morning exercise.

The day after I arrived, after our early walk, we drove to visit another friend who lives in Kiama, another coastal town on the south coast. It took us around two hours to drive there so we decided to go straight to lunch at a really nice cafe our friend had booked. It’s so nice to catch up with good friends over a meal and glass of wine I must say.

Miss Arda cafe is located along the main street of Ulladulla with huge open door looking out towards the ocean. Such great options for me to choose from so we decided on sharing plates. We ordered the beetroot falafel with hummus and pickles which were really good; so good we ate them before I could take any photos. We also chose the miso whole cauliflower with tahini dressing, pomegranate and rose and a dish of green beans with salsa verde and almonds. The cauliflower whilst doesn’t look so great in photos was absolutely delicious…surely I could make it!

My friends also ordered the jamon manchego croquettes with jalapeño tequila relish which they said were extremely tasty. I guess most things deep fried are delicious.

And whilst enjoying a glass of wine we also enjoyed views of the pine trees along the esplanade and the sea.

The next morning for exercise we walked to the Ulladulla Lighthouse through Warden Head Reserve. The lighthouse is closed for refurbishment but we walked along a bush track to get as close as we could. Nice flowers to photograph along the way too.

Our next stop after breakfast was a gorgeous little town called Milton, founded in 1860. The main street comprises gorgeous buildings, shops selling all sorts of homewares and lovely cafes, restaurant and wine bars. I would love to live in Milton, or be rich enough to buy a ‘weekender’ as it has picture-postcard views of rolling, lush green hills with ponds and views of the beautiful Pidgeon House Mountain. We walked around the shops on the main street of Milton and of course I bought way too many things I don’t really need but just liked…I look at that it helps the local economy!!

After a hectic shopping trip there is always the need for a glass of wine, so Mandy took us to a gorgeous little wine bar/restaurant called Harvest.

Mandy had not been before but I do recall eating there when it used to be just a restaurant, some years ago. It has lovely views of Milton’s rolling hills so we sat in comfortable velvet chairs to enjoy our wine.

Unfortunately I didn’t like my wine at all, it was organic and the only vegan white wine on offer. I have drank organic wine before but this one tasted a little ‘off’. Mandy ordered herself a cocktail but only because it was named ‘Mandy Moore‘. But the interior of the bar was so nice it was an enjoyable hour or so. It’s really quirky inside, great mood lighting and fabulous furniture. We sat on comfortable velvet lounges enjoying the ambience, until a gentleman took a liking to Mandy, which was not reciprocated – time to leave!

Another few days left in Ulladulla but I shall save those adventures for another post.