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Italian Food in Melbourne

foodA few months ago my friend Jane and I went to Melbourne for a long weekend [I have previously posted on our visit to the theatre and a French restaurant] where we went to a lovely Italian restaurant I had previously been to.  Melbourne is known for its fabulous restaurants and Becco didn’t let us down.  beccoThe restaurant is located in one of Melbourne’s lovely cobblestone streets and its interior has dim lighting in the evening making it rather difficult to take photos on my phone.Image 35Image 41Jane ordered an entree of ceviche which was marinated in fresh lime juice with sliced onions and vegetables and a light cream and pesto sauce .  She said this was absolutely delicious.

I wasn’t that hungry so only ordered a main dish of rigatoni pasta with a rich tomato and basil sauce…it was very good, unlike my photos.Image 37Image 38Jane then had the veal dish which was topped with sauted spinach with a white wine reduction.Image 39One other Italian restaurant I have been to in Melbourne is Il Nostro Posto; a beautiful converted 19th century warehouse.  Image 1_2Image 3_2I went to this restaurant when I was working in our office in Melbourne and as our group was large we were seated in the cellar area downstairs – a reasonable size room with two large tables, wood panelling on the walls and one original stone wall – just lovely!

It’s a Sicilian themed restaurant whose speciality is seafood and most of my colleagues ordered a dish with some sort of seafood apart from one young girl I work with in Canberra who ordered a tomato based penne pasta.Image 9Image 7Image 8_2I wanted to eat and drink relatively healthy being a weeknight, so had my obligatory sparkling mineral water but no wine on this evening and an entree of mixed roasted vegetables in a napoli sauce with lightly toasted bread and olive oil.  The dish was delicious and I only ate one small piece of bread…a good evening for me health wise.Image 4_2Another signature dish of the restaurant is the seafood pie; guazzetto in crosta, linguine pasta tossed with fresh seafood and chilli then topped with a lid of pizza dough and baked in the oven.Image 6_2Image 10_2

Melbourne has so many wonderful restaurants; a great city to visit and being only an hour plane ride from Canberra I shall be visiting again next month.