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Wonder who lives in these glamorous homes?

Image 8And more to the point…who can afford them!!

As I have mentioned before, when I am travelling, I love to walk around and look at the local architecture.  I love the different building styles, window dressings, gardens and of course I absolutely love to peek into windows to see what’s inside…Image 101Image 14_2London has so many different styles of buildings; Georgian being one.  These types of homes have a signature semi-circular ‘fan light’ which is a window resembling an open fan above the door and usually has wrought iron somewhere as a feature.



Image 17

Georgian style homes

Image 16_2

Georgian style homes





Georgian style home (10 Downing Street – home of UK PM) [source: internet)

Whereas Victorian homes can be distinguished from the Georgian home in that they usually have stained glass windows and ornamental ridge tiles on the roof along with shapely wooden barge boards beside the roof.


Victorian style home





Victorian style home

I must say I still found it difficult to differentiate the styles so I just looked around enjoying whatever homes I saw and I must say I did love what I saw….but when I found out prices I knew immediately these homes are for the very rich or those ladies on that UK show ‘Ladies of London‘ and definitely but unfortunately not for me!Image 13Image 100Some of the buildings were, in my opinion, not as glamorous as others but still good to see and wonder who lived in them.Image 20And others rather sweet, when walking through Hyde Park…Image 11_2And when we stayed at the Airbnb near Kensington Gardens we were opposite a beautiful hotel with the same name as our dad ‘Byron’….thought that was a nice touch when we looked out the window and saw our dad’s name.Image 3And how about the gorgeous pubs in London…decorated so beautifully with hanging pots of bright blossoms and then once inside you can either order a small glass of wine or large…love the choice.Image 30Image 58Image 15One thing I did find a of a shame around London streets was the amount of household rubbish on the footpaths; clearly out there waiting for the rubbish man but the bags of rubbish would be put out at any time of the day and just sit there!!