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 A chance to see two weddings in Kyoto

So this post will look at my week long visit to Kyoto in 2012…I had done a lot of research and wanted to visit a particular canal as it was renowned for its cherry blossoms which are growing along the river banks, outside beautiful Japanese houses.  I was not disappointed – the blossoms were beautiful!!


Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms and they could be one of the most beautiful things to see [ever] and Kyoto is definitely the place to see them.  But not only did I see the amazing cherry blossom trees but was very fortunate to see two weddings.  Both brides were dressed very differently and they certainly didn’t seem to mind me (and many others) taking photos.  They looked so happy; smiling at each other and just enjoying their very special day.


Cherry blossoms bloom between March and May each year and the internet provides a calendar of where in Japan the trees will blossom so if you are considering visiting, it is essential that you check out the dates the trees are blossoming and their location otherwise you may miss the blossoming as the trees blossom in different places at different times.


It’s funny how many photos you can take of the cherry blossoms as they are so amazingly beautiful.  The weddings were very special too.



It was so lovely just walking along the canal and looking at the Japanese homes, the beautiful cherry blossoms and the grooms and brides dressed in their traditional Japanese clothes.