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Another special place to visit in Kyoto


The temple at Ryoan-ji is a very popular site in Kyoto and said to be one of Japan’s better-known sights.


The temple was founded in 1450 and whilst the most popular area is the rock garden, there are other gardens to walk around with beautiful cherry blossoms and lakes to view.

As I mentioned, the main attraction is the rock garden which is an oblong of sand with an austere collection of fifteen carefully placed rocks.  They look like they are adrift in a sea of sand – all enclosed by an earthen wall.


It’s a very serene place to visit and you really must go first thing in the morning as it is such a popular place that it’s difficult to get a good viewing point with all the visitors.  From memory we had to remove our shoes to enter the temple and sit around the rock garden.


You can sit here and contemplate your life.  It really  is lovely and so quiet (so different to my visits anywhere in China where it’s noise, noise and more noise – even when it’s supposed to be quiet).  You take a seat on the wooden benches around one side of the garden and just relax and look  and do not much else…simple, harmonious and very zen – it’s lovely!!