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A fabulous Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe….how exciting!!


After our overnight stay at the Intercontinental Hotel at Johannesburg Airport, my friend Jenny and I caught a South African Airways flight to Zimbabwe where we were collected by our guide and taken to our resort Victoria Falls Safari Lodge – lovely I must say.

My room was very nice with a huge bathroom and balcony running the length of the room, overlooking one of the smaller waterholes…z5ujaO+JS5SHMKWYMGVKZw_thumb_9IMG_0120On our second night we were honoured to have a large herd of elephants join us whilst we enjoyed a mock-tail and a glass of wine on the terrace.  And the cuteness award goes to the baby elephants playing around when walking along side their mum.1gEiOkHQTISUxdY754zz9Q_thumb_cP1000290bbLZ0U%rQomkAQ7g+mlIQA_thumb_18Local residents at the lodge include a mum and baby Impala (some photos taken with my phone so rather grainy), some skittish blue birds (I think my blogging friend Mavis might know their name)…irD8jdRaRn+YqrihvN6tJQ_thumb_1amXeb2BKUSSeAF3goDOF6aA_thumb_1cUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1d5Gu1LVzwREqHnkQ7741%Ug_thumb_1eAnd a lovely family of warthogs…now some people say these animals are not very pretty and that just might be the case but I think they are sweet and their babies are particularly cute…XQqQ5fhtR1mwBVwEib4J4Q_thumb_10LefeupWZRTqQn813jqwbcA_thumb_19The food was very good and there were lots of places to sit and read a book or just enjoy the scenery.ZGg1FsoEQt+HUVpq6UA+9w_thumb_17L7P8Eoc2REiCjb5ryltJ%A_thumb_d

0J8r12oXQB2zbanEIK3JsA_thumb_16And every day at 1pm the lodge has a feeding program for the Vultures and a couple of rather large cranes.  There are tens and tens of these rather unusual looking birds and they are fed large hunks of raw meat; some still on the bone and at night the Hyenas come out to finish off the bones – nothing left!myNLZFWhRzSyCWPjuJMvxQ_thumb_12 L7IpzQ3yQj+J0yzrd2liig_thumb_13So my impression so far of  Zimbabwe is pretty good and I still have a river cruise and animal safari to write about.