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Arriving in Johannesburg…

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about coming to Africa to see the animals in their natural habitat…so this month that dream finally came true.

My friend Jenny, who lives in Papua New Guinea and I met at Sydney Airport and boarded our Qantas flight to Johannesburg; a long fourteen hours but with a few movies, a chat and a flat bed, it was pretty good.

We arrived to some lovely locals singing at the airport; what a great way to start this fabulous holiday.We decided to stopover in Johannesburg, staying one evening at the Airport Intercontinental Hotel as we arrived late and were out early the next morning and after fourteen hours we felt we needed a little break and as it turns out was a great idea as we were definitely tired and had another hour and half flight the next day to Zimbabwe.  Of course I was jet lagged after a few hours sleep, so was up at 2.30am using the gym with nice views of the city.I must say the pool area within the gym is pretty spectacular at night.After a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and mint tea, I met up with my friend and we walked to the airport to take our South African Airways flight to Zimbabwe where our adventure was about to start.  I was very happy with this airline, comfy seats, excellent friendly service and the most amount of leg room I have ever seen.  A bottle of champagne was opened for me and I started off my flight with a glass of South African bubbles; how can it get any better (be assured it did)…

We arrived in Zimbabwe and were met at the airport and taken to our accommodation at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge – what a great choice of accommodation by my friend Jenny.And wonderful views of the local watering hole where a herd of elephants arrived one evening…but more on that later!!So finally my African safari has commenced and I am now sitting here in Botswana overlooking the Chobe Plains from [again more on that later]…thanks for stopping by!!