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Fear of heights – no problem!!

Image 3Whilst in London, I arranged for a day out with wonderful friends of mine; Jane, JP and Guy and they asked us to meet them at the London Eye to take a ride.  I must say I was a little apprehensive about being so high up off the ground but wanted to go as the tickets were a treat from my friends.  (I found out when we met that Jane is very concerned about heights so she had no intention of getting on – but I was so glad I did).

We caught a London Cab to the arranged meeting place and my brother and nephew wanted a photo of the taxi as a nice memory.ImageMy friends had pre-booked the tickets (great idea as we didn’t have to line up) and then five of us went to board with Jane waiting at the outdoor coffee shop below.  My nephew and Guy hit it off straight away and became best friends.Image 7Up we go….and what wonderful views of London.

Image 9I was fine as long as I didn’t go too close to the large windows.  IMG_1254

I think the ride took about  twenty minutes which enabled us to see all around the city of London.Image 23Image 10Image 22We had lovely views of Big Ben which really is a spectacular.Image 20Image 12We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather; skies were blue and we had perfect views of parliament, the Thames River and all the other great buildings of London.Image 21Image 24Image 27We then enjoyed lunch at a lovely little cafe followed by a drink at a local London pub.  My brother doesn’t drink but he wanted to have one beer at a Cockney pub in London…and whilst the pub was not owned or run by a ‘cockney’, it was nice to sit outside so my brother could tick off something on his bucket list.IMG_1251And after we took a walk around the city where two lovely London ‘bobbies’ agreed to a photograph and a hat swap; great customer service!!IMG_1252Truly was a wonderful day and my brother talked about how much he loved my friends and wished he could have spent more time with them – so we will have to return!!