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An unexpected evening out in Canberra


A friend called me unexpectedly one Monday night and asked me out for dinner.  Now I usually don’t like going out on a Monday night, not really sure why but I just like to come home from work, go for a walk with my little dog and then rest up.  But I decided to go out and we went up to my local restaurant area and found my absolute favourite Chinese dumpling restaurant closed, so we decided on the restaurant next door which serves Thai food.


Service was excellent during the whole evening and we enjoyed sitting around for quite a few hours chatting and eating lovely Thai food.

We shared our main meals but ordered separate entrees.  I ordered the tofu with peanut sauce (delicious – perhaps a little too much sauce though) and my friend ordered the tempura prawns with dipping sauce.



For main course, we decided to share two dishes; the vegetarian pad thai with bean sprouts, chives and crushed peanuts and the mixed vegetables and tofu with chilli jam and cashew nuts…both dishes were lovely and fresh.  I really enjoy pad thai and often order it at Thai restaurants and this one was delicious especially with a squeeze of lemon.  We also ordered some steamed rice which came in the lovely silver dish that is so often used at Thai restaurants to serve the rice.




A nice evening with great fresh Thai food.  A place to remember to return.