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In line with me wanting to visit all new cafes in Canberra, last week I drove to a local suburb, not far from my home, to check out a new olfactory that is now offering a luxury French teahouse along with its exclusive range of luxury international perfumes. The first thing I saw upon entering the arcade was a fabulous luxurious velvet sofa in front of a wall of green plants and then a huge toy zebra in the window of the store I came to visit, Blissiomo; both making me want to see more of this store that looked so amazing on-line.

But before I entered the store I saw a hand made chocolate shop Enigma Fine Chocolates a lovely family owned business specialising in artisan style chocolates, truffles and yes…dairy free chocolates…I knew I definitely had to visit. The staff were exceptionally helpful and I ended up buying nine hand made dairy-free chocolates all put into a little box with a bow. The staff then gave me a list of chocolates I had chosen so I would not forget when selecting one to eat. I haven’t tried any yet, but am sure I will over the next few days.

After chocolate shopping, it was time for Blissiimo; it was lovely to hear beautiful French music, smell beautiful fresh flowers and I loved seeing the piccolo bottles of Moet & Chandon in the fridge alongside iced tea and other carbonated non-alcoholic drinks. Bit too early for me to start drinking champagne so I decided to take a look around the store starting off at the walls lined with beautiful smelling perfumes all displayed according to their scent with a mirrored backdrop, huge vases of flowers and statues. You are welcome to try one or all perfumes if you have the time but I am guessing you might be there all day!

As you walk through this amazing store you might have to duck your head under a fabulous chandelier or walk around a huge table arranged with fresh flowers, lotions and perfumes. One thing you will have to do is take your time to look at all the displays of candles, clothes and many many other gorgeous items. Items you don’t really need but once you enter this store you know you have to have!

The sales girl was so helpful and informative and said that Blissiimo brings more than 30 independent candle brands to Canberra, including a cult favourite Cire Trudon—the most exclusive candle brand in the world and whose history dates back to 1643 where Trudon, a French candlemaker started making bees wax candles to became a candle provider to the royal court of the King of France, King Louse XIV. This visit was like a history lesson on perfumes and candles and I found it all very interesting.

There is also an incense bar in the store and on a Monday you can have a psychic reading or have your tealeaves read! What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon along with a glass of champagne and a couple of sweet treats.

By this time I had bought myself a candle and reeds from an Italian scent and soap company founded in Sicily in 2006. I had been given one of the amazing smelling candles from my friend Mary, who ordered it from Italy for me (very kind) so once I saw the brand, Ortigia Sicilia, I wanted another candle, some lovely smelling reeds and a soap. I also wanted to buy Mary a soap and when I gave it to her, she was very happy that this brand could be bought in Canberra; saving her exorbitant postage costs from Italy. The lovely sales girl also gave me Ortigia Sicilia brand bags to put my gifts in…so beautiful.

Now, I was feeling a little thirsty so took a look at the teas on offer. There is an extensive range with 125 different teas available from all over the world with an exclusive range from the Marriage Frères teahouse in Paris which has been in operation since 1854. However, I chose a refreshing Persian mint tea from the Monista Tea Co and went and sat outside on one of the more private sofas around the side of the store to relax a while and enjoy my tea.

There are also stands of Cacao Macarons from Melbourne but I only wanted tea which did come with little biscuits but I didn’t know if they contained dairy so didn’t partake.

The store also has an Afternoon Tea or High Tea available and the menu offers gelati, whipped cream and fruit, parfaits, jelly pots and knickerbockers (layered ice-cream sundaes) for the sweet tooth and antipasto platters for those with a more savoury tooth but either way there is so much food to indulge in!

After tea, I took one more stroll around the store to look at the displays of other perfumes, some with the old fashioned pump and others with a glassed item indicating the scent and bright cushions. How fabulous!

This really is a wonderfully luxurious store – it’s a must if you live in or visit Canberra.