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As I have mentioned before, I try to visits different towns and cities around the Canberra region because at the moment travel overseas is not viable. My recent trip was to a town called Yass which is about a forty-five minute drive from my home making it a quick and easy return day trip. The name Yass, as I read on-line appears to have been derived from an Aboriginal word, “Yarrh”, said to mean ‘running water’, well it’s one of the meanings on offer anyway.  So after reading this, I decided one of the first places I should visit was the Yass River. There is a cement pathway which runs alongside the river which makes a walk easy as it’s also flat. The river is very dirty, I guess this is from the huge amount of rain we have had of late, but still pretty to see with lovely lush green grass and trees alongside and a gorgeous railway bridge which was built in 1892 and used to carry the Yass Town Tramway across the river.

My next stop was the main street where I parked the car and walked up one side, crossed over and walked down the other checking out all the stores. Homeware shops are plentiful with sweet displays out the front of the store like the bicycle with cyclamens in its basket. I do love the flowers in the main streets of country towns and the pink roses between the footpath and the road at each roundabout were so pretty…and like everywhere I guess, you will find the more modern shops like this take-away shop that is a necessity but doesn’t really add to the beauty of a country town…complete with plastic walk-through strips at the front door!

Homes have been restored beautifully in the main street and now host cafes and other businesses.

There are also many restored buildings like the old Soldiers Memorial Hall and one which has been converted into a medical practice. It was good to read that the derelict Commercial Hotel has been purchased by a Canberra based syndicate with plans to refurbish; should be lovely!

It was then time to stop somewhere for lunch and I had heard about a lovely home converted into a cafe in the town of Bowning which is a short drive of around ten minutes from Yass. The drive was mainly on the highway which made it easy and the town is easy to locate albeit very small with a population of just under 600. First building I came across was what appeared to be the only store in Bowning which is a petrol station, post office and I guess general store. I hopped out of the car to see if it was open but only saw a ‘for sale’ sign with no movement inside. A lovely sign welcoming me to Bowning though!

I then noticed a little bus stop next to the garage where parts had been painted and another one nearby which I am guessing was painted by the local children as it was situated outside the school with childlike paintings. Very sweet!

I found the Rollonin Cafe easily but unfortunately it is not open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays which was really unfortunate as the menu options look great and the building and gardens are just gorgeous. I would of loved to taken a stroll around the gardens.

Back in the car and I had one final stop in Yass which was Linton Manor. On the way I thought I was taking a short cut but reached a dead-end street, luckily for me though as I came up to an overflowing dam and beautiful fast flowing river and then a rock wall which I found truly striking.

I finally made it to Linton Manor and there is a reason I wanted to see this old homestead. Recently I watched a renovation show on tv and the team was restoring a home in Yass which was Linton Manor. The owners at the time of the restoration said that Linton Manor was built in 1857 and originally owned by a sheep baron. The owners over the years had tried to restore the property and had spent a couple of million dollars trying to do just that, but I guess with 45 rooms, stables, additional accomodation and a ballroom your money can only go so far and that is why the renovation show was called in. The home wasn’t totally restored but obviously well enough as it finally sold after being on the market for ten years.

By this time I was ready for my drive home and as I was leaving Yass, I noticed a public rest room painted with an Aboriginal theme which looked so lovely. A great few hours out of Canberra!