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Canberra has so many walks on offer and one I had been meaning to explore was about half an hour drive from my home. Jerrabomberra Wetlands is a refuge to several protected species and is a habitat for local birds and also for species migrating from the northern hemisphere and also from inland Australia. It’s a truly lovely place to visit and is looked after by the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust with wonderful views of Telstra Tower, Canberra’s iconic telecommunications tower.

There are three route options; Kellys Swamp Loop, The Woodlands Walk and The Billabong Walk – as the walks are not long, I decided to do all three on the day I visited and it was well worth my time. My first sighting was a mob of kangaroos. I always love seeing kangaroos in the wild, they are either resting on their sides or standing up and staring right at you. My photos are not that great as they were a bit far away and I only took my mobile phone to capture photos.

The different walks are very easy without any inclines. There is no way to get lost as the dirt paths are well set out and well worn and throughout the reeds there is a corrugated iron pathway; making it very easy to walk along.

There are no dogs allowed at this location, which is completely understandable. I read that one particular bird Latham’s Snipe (an endangered waterbird) flies directly from Japan (Hokkaido) to arrive at these wetlands; how amazing is that. And I also read that other wildlife that call this environment home are water rats, turtles, water dragons and platypus. I must say I missed all these species but did see a few ducks and other birds.

One of the things I particularly love about a bushland walk are the trees and these wetlands have plenty to see and photograph; some I managed to capture with the sun shining through in the background.

I just happened to choose a day when there were very few other visitors. I saw a few people riding their mountain bikes along the pathways and some other walkers but was so lucky to really have the place to myself. No noise just the chirping of the birds; loved it. Something else I really love are the reflections of anything on water but especially trees and I was lucky it was great weather to capture these reflections.

And there were a couple of old buildings I saw on my walk, one I am sure is not used as it was just old and worn and near the water but the other one is actually not on the wetlands but on neighbouring property and I think it’s used for storage of tools or hay, not really sure as didn’t walk up close.

Such a lovely morning out and an absolute treasure in the heart of Canberra!