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Back in the days when I could leave Canberra, I drove up to the Gold Coast to visit my family for a month. It was one of those holidays where I didn’t really need to go sightseeing or do anything really apart from visit my family as have been to the Gold Coast many times, but I did want to try a few nice cafes and restaurants. One cafe Dust Temple Cafe was in the suburb where my father, brother and nephew live; Currumbin Waters.

This cafe is actually located right in the middle of industry and I must say if I would not of found it but lucky for me, my brother had found it and knew I would love it. He was right, I loved it from the moment I got out of the car. The outside is gorgeous with huge wrought iron gates, fabulous wooden lampshades and incredible wooden/glass hinged doors and wooden barn doors that allow the flow of air inside the cafe.

Inside is even more amazing. The whole place is an old warehouse with polished cement floors. You walk through huge open wooden/glass doors into the coffee/drinks/pre packaged food area then once you have ordered your food, you walk through to a huge room converted into an art gallery with sculptures and artwork on display. There are also large long tables to enjoy a coffee and something to eat.

I ordered the fresh tomato, fresh basil and balsamic on toasted sourdough and a turmeric, coconut milk, banana and mango drink. My brother ordered the housemade toasted banana and coconut bread with butter and the watermelon, pink lady apple, pear, rhubarb and lime juice. Everything here came so beautifully presented with little flowers and the my meal was so incredibly fresh – I loved it! And as for the turmeric drink – it was absolutely delicious.

Whilst waiting for my meal, I took my camera around the warehouse and took some photos. There are fabulous old lounges and chairs to relax in and borrow a book to read whilst enjoying a coffee or alcoholic drink and an outside area with tables and benches, covered by umbrellas to relax in the sun or shade.

There is even a second floor up wooden stairs with a wrought iron balustrade but I guess the owners are still working on that area as it contained paintings against the wall still wrapped and very little else. But like everywhere else in this amazing place, art lined the walls of the stairs.

Even the kitchen area has an old armchair to sit and relax and do some people watching!

This was definitely my favourite cafe on the Gold Coast and yes, I did visit again during my stay!