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With my good friend, Sandy, visiting from Queensland, a group of us decided to book a French restaurant in Canberra called Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar. Most of us had been before and enjoyed the food so wanted to revisit. We all started off with a beverage from the extensive wine list which did include a couple of vegan choices. Mine was an Australian Riesling whilst my friends enjoyed a French chardonnay and a glass of red.

The menu is also pretty extensive with many vegetarian options but only a few vegan. There was a cauliflower steak but as I had eaten that the last two times I have been out, I really didn’t feel like it. Anyway, I wasn’t feeling very hungry so ordered a small dish of roasted pumpkin with a tahini yoghurt dressing and topped with coriander and pumpkin seeds. When it arrived it looked so good but unfortunately I didn’t ask if it was a hot dish and it was not…cold pumpkin is not for me (the flavours of this dish were very good though).

My friends ordered a few dishes to share which included the Kimchi dumplings with pickled red cabbage, chilli and ginger oil. Unfortunately when we asked if the dumplings were vegan we were told the Kimchi was made with fish sauce. My visiting friend from Brisbane had been to this restaurant the previous week and had ordered the dumplings and said they were delicious. Shame on this occasion, they were not all that warm!

A few other dishes were also ordered; firstly the Snapper ceviche with buttermilk, cucumber and green chilli and also the grilled Queensland scallops with a miso glaze and seaweed butter. Time then to order another glass of wine; same drinks all round.

The final main meal to share ordered was the 36-hour slow-cooked Angus beef short ribs with gremolata and crispy polenta. My friend Naomi said the polenta was absolutely delicious but of course I could not eat it as it had been sitting in meat juices. We nearly ordered a fresh serve minus the meat but as I was not that hungry, we didn’t bother.

And to top off the night as we were finishing our wine and Naomi was driving, she decided on a dessert rather than another glass of wine. She ordered the brûlée. It arrived looking fabulous and she said it was. This used to be my favourite dessert before I became vegan!

Oh and nearly forgot to mention, we of course ordered the obligatory bowl of chips!
photo from internet as I forgot to take one on the night!