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Noosa is located in northern Queensland which means from Canberra I take a flight for an hour and a half then a bus for about two hours. The trip is definitely worth it as this is a beautiful part of Australia.

Prior to travelling, I looked up Noosa’s best restaurants and found the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant voted on some sites as #1. I knew I had to go there! I booked for Saturday lunch and with my book, I took an Uber to the restaurant which was about ten minutes from my apartment where I arrived to a beautiful location on the river.

The entry foyer is gorgeous, actually so is the rest of the interior.

I was met at the front door by the most lovely staff and after scanning in (yep Covid!) I was taken to my table; white tablecloths and beautiful scenery – overlooking the river and walkway and amazing Moreton Bay fig trees. These are one of my most favourite trees, they are known as the Australian Banyan and native to eastern Australia.

I must say the service in this restaurant is fantastic; not overwhelming as I really don’t like staff who need to come to you every five minutes and ask you how your meal is!! Maybe once but that is enough. I looked at the menu and there was a couple of vegan wines to choose from so I ordered an Australian Riesling. Then I asked about the vegan dishes and the waitress advised me that the chef would be making me an entree and main dish which was not on the menu. Very special!!

My entree arrived which was a cauliflower ‘steak’ with macadamia nuts, a tahini dressing and greens. Delicious!

I asked the waitress for a delay in the arrival of my main dish as I wanted to enjoy the scenery and continue reading my book. About twenty minutes later my risotto arrived and that was also delicious. Ingredients for both dishes were so fresh and both dishes were cooked to perfection.

I ordered another glass of wine and continued to enjoy my afternoon. I was asked about dessert and advised the chef would make me a vegan sorbet but I really was too full so decided not to order anything. Time for a bit of people watching around the restaurant; always fun I think. After having spent two hours enjoying my lunch, it was time to depart. I decided to walk back to my apartment as the weather was lovely and the route was an easy one to remember. What a fabulous experience!