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I was so fortunate to be able to travel to the Gold Coast to see my family for Christmas as I know many other people both in Australia in other states and around the world cannot travel at all. I flew from Canberra to Coolangatta Airport where one of my best friends picked me up. I booked accomodation in Coolangatta overlooking the beach and ocean and it was lovely to walk inside and see the fabulous views especially at dusk.

On the day I arrived, my friend Sandy and I met up with another friend who I have not seen for over three years so he took us to Kirra Beach Surf Club; interior is rather old but a couple of vegan options on the menu so I ordered a pasta arrabbiata which was very good. Best part were the views!

I got up early nearly every morning and took a walk along the beachfront; one one occasion for over two hours. You had to get up early as the sun was very warm, actually starting just before 8am. But this meant skies were usually a vibrant blue well apart from one day when it was very overcast but that afforded me the opportunity to walk a little later.

I had breakfast out a couple of times at various cafes but I think my favourite was the cafe under my apartment block which served a very nice mushrooms on toast and great fruit juices.

I think my lasting impression of Coolangatta will be the beautiful beaches and fabulous ocean.

But an interesting impression will always be of a local home that has both the animals from our coat of arms guarding the entrance; they must be about six foot high (180cms)!

Hope everyone was safe and well over the Christmas period and I wish you all a very happy 2021 (and please let it be better than 2020).