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Lovely walks during Canberra’s colder seasons

fullsizeoutput_9ceI love walking around Canberra; well anywhere really but because I live here in Canberra it’s nice to find new walks for both me and my dogs.  The other day I happened to be driving in a nearby suburb called Watson (named after our third Prime Minister) and came across a great parkland where in parts dogs are allowed off-lead.  I drove straight home, picked up the dogs and returned.  Watson Woodlands is actually eighteen hectares but there is a cleared parkland contained on one side of the road with lovely ponds, ducks, walkways and beautiful Eucalyptus trees scattered around.IMG_8739This area of the parkland has two walkways one out in the open with a well worn pathway and the other underneath a canopy of trees.  I love both walks but most people with dogs walk along the well worn path so I usually walk this way as it’s nice for my dogs to see and play with the other dogs.  The walk takes about twenty-five minutes one way then you turn around and walk back; simple!fullsizeoutput_9cc

IMG_8735Another of my other favourite walks is the reasonably lengthy circular walk around Lake Ginninderra.  It takes about an hour and twenty minutes at a normal walking pace and my smaller dog Axel and I do the walk when we can.fullsizeoutput_9cffullsizeoutput_9d0The approximate seven-kilometre walk is reasonably flat and paved the whole way.  There is a variety of birdlife; swans, ducks and waterbirds and bbq areas, a large and small enclosed dog park and a lovely running stream which flows into the lake.fullsizeoutput_9d8IMG_8651 I love this walk as the trees are beautiful and it’s wonderful to see so many people out and about walking/playing or having picnics.fullsizeoutput_9d2fullsizeoutput_9d1And the final walk I want to mention today is a forty-five minute walk around Yerribi Ponds which is about a fifteen minute drive from my home.  Similar to Lake Ginninderra, Yerribi Ponds has a paved pathway around the whole of the lake making walking and bike riding very easy.  It’s another walk that I can take my dogs but they must stay on a leash.fullsizeoutput_9d6There is also a large variety of birdlife along the ponds and many young children like to feed the birds and fish.fullsizeoutput_9d4fullsizeoutput_9d7fullsizeoutput_9daAt one particular point along the walk there is some great street art created by John Voir which is found on pillars or columns that support the roadway.  fullsizeoutput_9ddfullsizeoutput_9dc

fullsizeoutput_9e0I find these ponds very children friendly as there is so much for children to do; an adventure playground, basketball court, double tandem flying fox and a pirate ship under a huge shade cloth.  There is also a swing (Liberty Swing)  that can be used by children in wheelchairs; now isn’t that just so lovely.

The trees are beautiful along the way as well as lovely water views and views of the local city centre’s buildings.fullsizeoutput_9e2fullsizeoutput_9dbfullsizeoutput_9e1fullsizeoutput_9e3And when the sun goes down, the weather gets cooler and the scenery changes; looking differently to what it did during the day but equally as lovely I think.  Time to go home – even the local men fishing decide to make it a day albeit without any catches!IMG_8679fullsizeoutput_9d3