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Chinese food that tastes like Chinese food

fullsizeoutput_98aI absolutely love Chinese food!  My two gorgeous Chinese friends took me and my friend Jon to a Chinese restaurant here in Canberra.  It’s a Sichuan restaurant actually called Sichuan Chinese Restaurant which means that the dishes are all pretty spicy and clearly no great thought put into the name; guess you know what you are getting!fullsizeoutput_993fullsizeoutput_989The restaurant is located in a suburb about a fifteen minute drive from my home and on Lake Gininderra which is lovely to walk around during the day.fullsizeoutput_988My friend Peter selected this restaurant as it serves genuine Chinese food.  No crazy Aussie versions of Chinese food to be found here and thank goodness.  Peter always orders for us as he knows what dishes both Jon and I like.  I love the beans which are usually dry fried with garlic and chilli – yum!fullsizeoutput_990I also loved the chilli dry fried cauliflower and as you can see it certainly did have a lot of chilli.  Peter also ordered a plate of  white and brown buns (Mantou 馒头) which are steamed and soft; popular in northern China.  They came with some sort of creamy sauce but I didn’t have any of it.  fullsizeoutput_98efullsizeoutput_98cA beef and chicken dish was ordered; the beef made with an enormous amount of chilli  (loved by Jon).fullsizeoutput_98ffullsizeoutput_98bThe fried potato dish was so good; a bit too spicy for me as it made my lips numb but I couldn’t stop eating it.fullsizeoutput_991And something I absolutely love is the black sesame glutinous rice balls (tangyuan 汤圆) and glutinous rice sticks in soy…again delicious. fullsizeoutput_992fullsizeoutput_98dWhat a great meal.  I really love the food at this restaurant.  So much that I have been back about five times since my first visit.