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Good food and a walk whilst in north east China 

fullsizeoutput_97dA couple of years ago, after my friend Jon and I climbed Mount Changbai in Jilin Province we took a bus down the mountain and there was an entrance to a forest and even though we were rather tired once we saw the beautiful red, orange and yellow coloured leaves, we decided to take a walk.

Luckily for us, it was only a forty-minute route along a boardwalk so a lot easier than climbing up and down the 1000 plus steps of the mountain. P1010653fullsizeoutput_976fullsizeoutput_977The well-made boardwalk followed the canyon rim through the forest affording us the opportunity to see the beautiful autumn colours and large rock formations.P1010658fullsizeoutput_975fullsizeoutput_97bfullsizeoutput_974After our walk we hopped back into our transport and returned to our hotel.  After a quick break, we walked down a lovely set of wooden stairs lit with fairy lights to an area near our hotel where we had previously seen a few restaurants.fullsizeoutput_97ffullsizeoutput_980The interior of the restaurant interior was ‘interesting’ with its fake plants and coloured flags on the ceiling and floral chair furnishings but it was clean; the food was fresh and most importantly it was really good.  Jon enjoyed a local beer and I stuck to soda water as Chinese wine is definitely not to my liking!  fullsizeoutput_978fullsizeoutput_96cWe enjoyed a few vegetable dishes including my favourite eggplant dish (Yu xiang qie ze) as well as a fresh chilli tofu dish (ma po do fu), a plate of mushrooms and noodles and a couple of meat dishes for Jon.
fullsizeoutput_96efullsizeoutput_96ffullsizeoutput_970Inexpensive meal; great day; very tired – time to go to bed!