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Part II of my visit to Chobe National Park West

fullsizeoutput_804I think most of us have a place in the world we have always wanted to visit.  Mine was Africa.  After I retired at the end of 2017, my friend Jenny and I departed Sydney for a trip to three countries in Africa.  I have previously written about my first visit to Chobe National Park (both East and West) but I thought I would finish with my trip with a final series of photos.P1000703I love elephants; majestic beautiful animals…well I love all animals but was so excited about seeing an elephant in the wild [where I believe they should all be] and I certainly was not disappointed.  Seeing these fabulous creatures walking/playing/bathing and just enjoying life was amazing.fullsizeoutput_809fullsizeoutput_80bfullsizeoutput_80cfullsizeoutput_80aAnd as for the baby elephants; they were incredibly [incredibly] cute…hanging with their mums!fullsizeoutput_7fcfullsizeoutput_7fafullsizeoutput_808I also saw lots of other animals of course including beautiful zebra; wow these are also such majestic creatures and was fortunate enough to capture one in a series of poses with my final photo of him/her [no idea how to tell if male or female] looking in my direction.fullsizeoutput_800fullsizeoutput_801fullsizeoutput_802And then a ‘dazzle’ or ‘zeal’ of zebra [have to be honest had to look up on the internet to see what a group of zebra is called!]…fullsizeoutput_80dfullsizeoutput_805And various other beautiful animals…fullsizeoutput_803fullsizeoutput_7fffullsizeoutput_807P1000839I loved Africa/Sth Africa so much that I have booked a return trip to South Africa this September but this time will spend time in Cape Town travelling around and watching whales, then Pretoria visiting friends as well as a few days staying in the wild glamping rather than camping. Can’t wait for that; camping out in the wild but in a fabulous tent with en-suite!