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Rather difficult to find but worth the effort

fullsizeoutput_774Our first attempt in finding Street 93 in Phnom Penh was disastrous.  My friend Naomi who lives in this city drove my other friend Tracey and I to Street 93 or where she though it was – who would not think you are in Street 93 when the sign says just that!  We drove up and down and couldn’t find any street art; this is the very old part of Phnom Penh where all blogs and internet advice tell us the art is located.  This Street 93 has many old homes and small old shops selling car tyres but as mentioned no street art.

We stopped outside an old building which had a street sign of ‘Street 93‘ and Naomi looked at the internet for directions but all we got were GPS coordinates (didn’t really help as we didn’t know how to use them) and other people’s blogs where everyone was saying go to Street 93 and you will enjoy the sights but no specific directions on how to get there.  But always interesting to see the tangled overhead wires in Asia and there is no exception of them in Phnom Penh.IMG_5310We decided to take a break and I enjoyed a cold drink, a glass of vegan wine and a roast pumpkin/tomato and capsicum hummus sandwich.  By this time outside it had reached around thirty-eight degrees.  We decided on Backyard Cafe a fabulous vegetarian/vegan cafe over the road from the Mekong River.  By this stage we had wifi so all three of us were in competition to see who could find the exact directions first.  Naomi won (after a good hour of us all searching).  There are ‘two’ Street 93’s in Phnom Penh – who would have thought and the one with the street art was not properly displayed on the map!!3ce896ba-5e43-49a1-a5f5-6512d610ce76So a couple of days later we hired a tuk tuk driver and off we went…Naomi told our driver Michael what we wanted to see and he knew exactly where to go – the proper Street 93 with lovely old homes and lots of trees and plants.  fullsizeoutput_78fWe arrive in the usual stifling heat and hopped out to take a look at the art as well as the very old homes/people relaxing enjoying a coffee and dogs lying in the sun.fullsizeoutput_798

fullsizeoutput_780I must say the effort to find this street was worth it…I just wish it was a bit cooler to walk around more.fullsizeoutput_77dfullsizeoutput_77cIMG_5461fullsizeoutput_78aDifferent art is painted on individual walls; some with washing hanging nearby and lots with rubbish on the ground; but all still fabulous.fullsizeoutput_786fullsizeoutput_788fullsizeoutput_787fullsizeoutput_782And these painted ladies are particularly beautiful…[first one is my absolute favourite]IMG_5457fullsizeoutput_77fIMG_5423fullsizeoutput_777fullsizeoutput_776There are some that are comical…IMG_5427fullsizeoutput_77eSome for kids…IMG_5435

fullsizeoutput_79aAnd some just pretty…fullsizeoutput_791IMG_5467I do believe this street is a must see for anyone visiting Phnom Penh.IMG_5454