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Lunch and a day trip out of Seminyakfullsizeoutput_770

When I was visiting Bali last year, my friends and I decided to have a champagne brunch and chose the most fabulous restaurant at the Melia Hotel in Nusa Dua probably about a half hour drive from our hotel in Seminyak.  On our way we saw a parade of lovely Indonesian women…

We arrived at this absolutely amazing resort with a magnificent open foyer area which we walked through and saw large structures throughout the gardens.fullsizeoutput_752

fullsizeoutput_755fullsizeoutput_753The views over the swimming pools, beach and ocean were beautiful…Image 54fullsizeoutput_754We walked down towards the beachfront to the restaurant and because we were so keen we had arrived about fifteen minutes too early.  We waited [hungrily] in the shade and soon were seated at a round table near the window.

I have to say that this was probably the ‘best’ buffet I have ever seen and believe me I have seen a few!! The food displays were incredible and all beautifully presented.  Near us there was a large range of fresh seafood; prawns, lobster, salmon, oysters, mussels and every other kind of seafood you could think of…fullsizeoutput_75efullsizeoutput_766fullsizeoutput_75dOur waiter informed us we could eat from the buffet and we could also order anything from the menu – all included in the one cost ($100 AUD).  And of course we could order any drink we wanted…fullsizeoutput_767I stuck with my usual sauvignon blanc and the other girls ordered espresso martinis, the resort’s signature cocktail and mojitos.
fullsizeoutput_769fullsizeoutput_768There was a roast station, hot quiches, pizza, pasta with a large array of sauces and Asian food including all sorts of hand made noodles.  I saw more bread and cheeses than I think I have ever seen.  My photos absolutely do not show how incredible the food was unfortunately and I didn’t take photos of all stations.fullsizeoutput_761fullsizeoutput_764fullsizeoutput_75bI had become a vegan two months prior so there was so much food I could not eat.  But there was so much I could.  Tempura/lovely breads/amazing salads/warm vegetables/pasta/noodles just to name a few.  I did order an open falafel burger from the menu which was very nice.fullsizeoutput_765fullsizeoutput_76aThen it came to the dessert area – oh my goodness!  Anything you wanted was there and like the entrees and main meals you could also order from the menu.  My friends ordered one dessert which was a chocolate ball which when arrived, hot chocolate was poured over.  The outer layer of chocolate then melted onto the plate and inside was more chocolate; mousse – incredible!  fullsizeoutput_76efullsizeoutput_76cfullsizeoutput_76bfullsizeoutput_763And this chocolate cake looked incredible and the chocolate fountain was a hit with the girls, well with all other diners really.fullsizeoutput_76dfullsizeoutput_762As we were eating dessert (I enjoyed some sorbet), the waiter came around with warm doughnuts and a hot chocolate sauce for those who wanted them…fullsizeoutput_772By this stage we had been at the resort for about four hours and eaten our weight in food…time to say goodbye – what a day!