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An overcast last day in Seminyak

fullsizeoutput_54bThe weather on our last day in Seminyak whilst still hot and humid had rain looming along with dark clouds and strong winds.  My brother and nephew wanted to take me out to lunch somewhere nice for our last day so I chose a place recommended by my friend Jane: Potato Head Beach Club.

Last time I was in Seminyak I saw many street dogs and bought food from the local 7-11 type stores to feed them daily.  I know wonderful people help feed and provide veterinary services for the dogs like Aussie Paula Hodgson who is the founder of https://www.balistreetdogs.org.au, but this time I brought dog food over from Australia and set out every morning to feed the dogs.  This particular dog was in a temple area and most mornings he would bark at me when I walked past but I left the food for him and it was gone the next day.IMG_4514I had quite a bit of food left over on our last day so my kind brother and lovely taxi driver were on the look out for dogs.  My brother found one and we stopped and fed him.  Next we found two dogs lying around so we got out of the taxi and fed them.  I had a bit of food left and the locals told me that at this particular spot about four or five dogs came around.  I asked if I could leave the food with them and they were very happy to take the food and feed the dogs later.  I found the Balinese such lovely people; helpful and kind.

The taxi ride took us about twenty minutes and was extremely inexpensive so our driver received a nice tip for helping us spot the dogs.  We arrived at the top entrance of the club where firstly our taxi was searched by security guards as were we when we hopped out of the taxi.  fullsizeoutput_54fWe walked a short distance walking past the open-air amphitheatre structure which was designed by an Indonesian architect and features a facade of coloured antique shutters, salvaged from across Indonesia.fullsizeoutput_54afullsizeoutput_557The next structure we walked past was a tee-pee made from plastic bottles…fullsizeoutput_54eThen a sea of rubber thongs that have been lost by their owners…IMG_4631And finally we arrived at the entrance to the restaurants and bars…fullsizeoutput_555We were met by staff and shown to an area down towards the beach where there was a bar and restaurant and infinity pool.  The bar and restaurant area is open air but covered and there are many chairs and tables and lounge chairs uncovered; all overlooking the Indian Ocean.fullsizeoutput_558fullsizeoutput_54cfullsizeoutput_551As can be seen by my photos, it was very winds so we sat on comfortable chairs undercover but with a view of the ocean.  Whilst there were a couple of people in the pool but no-body on the beach or in the sea.fullsizeoutput_556IMG_4642We were given our menu by a very friendly and helpful waiter.  My brother and I ordered the Tropical Smoothie consisting of banana, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, citrus and coconut nectar. Our waiter, once informed I was vegan, went and checked on her own account to see if there was any yoghurt in the drink; there wasn’t!  It was so good!!fullsizeoutput_552I ordered the Jackfruit Nachos: corn tortilla, pulled jackfruit chili, coconut sour cream, pico de gallo, jalapeno, smashed edamame and grilled corn.  I had not tasted jackfruit before and must say it was really good as was the coconut sour cream – dish was huge however so couldn’t finish it. [shame].IMG_4651I also ordered a plate of sweet potato fries to share with my brother and nephew and these arrived with charcoal salt and a roasted capsicum sauce which the waitress told me was not vegan so I didn’t try it.  Little did we know that both my brother’s and nephew’s dishes would arrive also with fries.fullsizeoutput_548My brother ordered a steak sandwich which arrived on grape focaccia bread with charcoal grilled Tokusen beef, smoked cheese, onion jam, wild rucola, beefsteak tomato and duck-egg hollandaise sauce.  As I mentioned this came with fries which my brother didn’t touch as the sandwich was very filling.  My nephew ordered a Baby Huey Burger; prime beef patty with cheese, tomato sauce, pickles and spiced mayonnaise on a milky soft bun.  Again arrived with fries which Braydon also didn’t eat.  I was the only person who ate some fries that day.  No surprises here!fullsizeoutput_55afullsizeoutput_559I really liked this beach club.  I know that in the later afternoon and evenings it is a place for the younger people with loud music and guess a lot of drinking; am sure it’s one of the places the younger Aussies tend to visit and on occasions sleep on the beach.  So at night it would not be for me but for lunch it was superb.IMG_4637