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Dinner in the country 

fullsizeoutput_46eA couple of weekends ago, I travelled about two hours from Canberra to the south coast of New South Wales to stay with friends Sharon and Brenden.  I hadn’t seen these friends for some time so with my little dog Axel we set off around lunch time on a Friday and stayed until mid morning Sunday.  Driving along their street is wonderful as there are many kangaroos that come to the front lawns of homes to eat every afternoon and early morning.fullsizeoutput_491

(photo courtesy of Brenden)

Around 7pm our other friends arrived from Canberra and Brenden started up the BBQ.  Sharon made a delicious cauliflower curry for me and afterwards we sat on the back verandah on comfy outdoor chairs overlooking the bushland and the shores of St George’s Basin.

On our second evening, Sharon arranged dinner at a small town called Milton.  None of us had been to this restaurant so we were keen to try it.

Milton was founded in 1860 and has a population of around 1600 people.  It’s a beautiful little town with quaint cafes, bed and breakfasts and lovely clothing shops.

The south coast has such beautiful countryside and as it was an early dinner I got to see great views along the way.fullsizeoutput_473fullsizeoutput_477We arrived at St. Isidore and wow what a place.  A casual feel inside, tables presented nicely and lovely views of the gardens from all windows.fullsizeoutput_479fullsizeoutput_48ffullsizeoutput_47bThe grounds really are gorgeous, service is great and food very good.  We were seated at our table by a very friendly waiter and I took a walk around the grounds to take some photos.fullsizeoutput_490fullsizeoutput_478fullsizeoutput_476fullsizeoutput_471fullsizeoutput_474We ordered our drinks and took a look at the menu.  I had already checked out the dishes on-line as wanted to make sure there were vegan options; there were!fullsizeoutput_47aI ate very healthily.  I ordered a pasta dish with broad beans and an olive oil dressing for entree and a tofu and vegetable dish for my main course.  My main had grilled eggplant and I love eggplant but definitely not grilled so that was left in the bowl.fullsizeoutput_482fullsizeoutput_47dMy friends ordered an array of dishes which they said were all delicious.



Dessert was ordered by two of my friends but the rest of us were too full.  There was an option of sorbet for me but I really didn’t feel like eating anything else.fullsizeoutput_47ffullsizeoutput_48cAll in all it was a very lovely evening…fullsizeoutput_470