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My first visit to Bali 

fullsizeoutput_44dI had never been to Bali but earlier this year my friend Sandy who lives in Timor Leste  intended going there for a short break so I invited myself.  We booked lovely accomodation at TS Suites on Luxury Escapes and I flew Qantas from Sydney.  I try to fly Qantas not only because I like the airline but I also increase my Qantas Frequent Flyer points which enables me to either upgrade my seat or buy seats using my points.

We looked up a few restaurants that had views of the sunset and decided on Sea Salt which was a very short taxi ride from our hotel and at an incredibly inexpensive cost of around $3 AUD.  The view when we arrived was wonderful; lush green grass and beautiful sea views.

It’s lovely when you both walk up to a restaurant and then walk in and get a great vibe.  This was the feeling walking up to and into Sea Salt.

Sandy had booked a table outside in the shade.  We had spectacular views of the surf which also enabled us to do a lot of ‘people watching’.fullsizeoutput_452fullsizeoutput_453Food at this restaurant is exceptional.  fullsizeoutput_46bThey catered well for vegans which was wonderful for me.  Two cobs arrived first; complimentary but this day I decided not to eat any as I had ordered quite a few dishes and didn’t want to fill up on bread.fullsizeoutput_456fullsizeoutput_45bfullsizeoutput_457fullsizeoutput_459fullsizeoutput_45aMy friends ordered a dessert to share but as it contained dairy I didn’t have any but must admit it looked pretty good.  Our waiter offered me a fruit platter but was still too full after lunch so declined.fullsizeoutput_45cAfter our long lunch we decided to move closer to the water for an uninterrupted view of the sunset.  We sat on comfortable large seats and our lovely waitress brought us drinks throughout the afternoon and evening whilst watching the Balinese flying their kites.fullsizeoutput_451fullsizeoutput_45d

And then it was time to watch the sunset.  Wow what a beautiful sight.fullsizeoutput_45ffullsizeoutput_460.jpegIt became more vibrant as it was setting…the colour was absolutely gorgeous.fullsizeoutput_462.jpegfullsizeoutput_461.jpegAnd just as the sun was reaching the water, the restaurant staff lit fires in large cauldrons, adding to the beauty of the sun setting.fullsizeoutput_464fullsizeoutput_465


I know there are quite a few fabulous restaurants on the water in Seminyak but this one I would definitely recommend especially with great friends.  fullsizeoutput_467