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Drinks at Hong Kong’s tallest building

Image 7-11-18 at 17.56The International Commerce Centre (ICC) is a 118 storey commercial building in Hong Kong, and its tallest.  It does have two sister buildings over Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island ( the International Finance Centre) where one is the second tallest in HK but it was the ICC that I wanted to visit as had been told the views from the roof were amazing.fullsizeoutput_40bWhilst in Hong Kong earlier this year my Aussie friend Naomi and a HK friend and I went for drinks at the Ritz Carlton Hotel which is located on floors 102 to 118 of the ICC.  A cosy and dark [albeit extremely glamorous] lift took eighty-seconds to reach the 102nd floor which is the Ritz Carlton lobby.

I took a photo of the lift and sent to my brother as he cannot travel in lifts unless they have glass walls; makes him very anxious so our stays in hotels in the UK and UAE last year were very interesting for him; lots of fire-stairs and he would never have been able to travel in this one!!fecc87c5-0baa-4638-a238-b800415cb7d9The foyer has an amazing chandelier and a very large sparkly panda bear…38b6991b-2215-44d6-98e4-b61d8a40a048fullsizeoutput_402As we were about half hour early for the opening of the Sky100 bar, we decided to walk around the hotel.  I must say I have never seen anything so glamorous and to top it off spectacular views over the harbour and Hong Kong Island.fullsizeoutput_40bThe hotel has two Michelin-starred restaurants; Cantonese and Italian.  The Italian restaurant is beautiful; very modern with another amazing chandelier.  The floor to ceiling windows provide incredible views…shame we were not there for dinner! And the Cantonese restaurant is also beautiful; modern with a necessary Chinese feel.8d91e83a-2b39-4f02-bf25-69eb42ebd2d6RCHKKOW_00196.png-2I found the hallways leading to the private dining rooms magnificent; it was like walking through a Christmas wonderland…2431976b-48a5-42ea-b3c8-768d77ae37a0I did take a lot of photos of the dining rooms, restaurants and other areas but for some reason I cannot find any of my photos so all photos on this blog are courtesy of my friend Naomi [thank you].

The rooftop lounge and Sky100 bar is located three levels down in the ICC.  We took the glamorous elevator and stepped into the bar area which was something special; all modern, blue lighting with modern seating, great floors and a lowered ceiling.


(this photo source: internet)

We ordered a bottle of champagne and the three of us realised we were rather hungry after a full day of sightseeing.  champersWe ordered some snacks; fries [no surprises there], spring rolls and couple of other things that I now can’t remember.  We enjoyed lovely views from our table and then as the sun was setting we had beautiful views of the harbour and over to Hong Kong Island.  Pretty special!!fullsizeoutput_412fullsizeoutput_41afullsizeoutput_41cIt was then time for Naomi and I to take the ferry back to Hong Kong Island to our hotel…I have such a soft spot for the gorgeous Star Ferry and every time I return to Hong Kong I always take the ride across the harbour!Image 171Image 237Image 239What an afternoon; what a night!!