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The High and Low of Hong Kong

fullsizeoutput_313Whilst in Hong Kong, my Chinese friend had told me about Lee Tung Avenue to visit to look at the Chinese lanterns and have a cup of tea. On my last day I decided to walk from my hotel and try and find it without a map of any sorts ie paper or smart phone.  I knew the general area so I set off.

I walked for about forty-minutes and then felt I should turn off the main street in Wan Chai, which proved to be a good choice as after another turn into a smaller street,  I saw  many [many] Chinese lanterns.  fullsizeoutput_2c7

The shops along this tree-lined pedestrian avenue sell everything from cosmetics, cakes, toys, jewellery and fashions to ice-cream. The avenue was once called Lee Tung Street with a nickname of  ‘wedding card street‘ because almost all the shops were related to bridal services and products.  There are still many shops selling wedding paraphernalia.fullsizeoutput_2c2Walking along and looking up, I loved the juxtaposition of the old apartments on the next street and the brand new shops along the avenue.fullsizeoutput_2c6fullsizeoutput_2c5fullsizeoutput_2bffullsizeoutput_2c4There are also some pretty cool people just sitting around enjoying the lanterns…fullsizeoutput_2beThe cafes are quaint with beautiful displays of gorgeous pastries, (over priced) jams and other beautifully wrapped and bottled items.  fullsizeoutput_2c3fullsizeoutput_2c0It didn’t take long to walk along this avenue but its so pretty that it is definitely worth a visit.where to do wan chai hong kong-2And of course one of the the ‘must’ do’ things in Hong Kong is a visit to The Peak.  One very warm afternoon, my friend Naomi and I walked to the tram station but as it was 2pm there was a huge line for the tram so we decided we would return the next day when the tram first opened and miss the lengthy queues.

I love the little tram;  it’s a very steep ride both up and down the mountain.  Great views each way over Victoria Harbour; both to Kowloon, over Hong Kong Island and the very expensive homes and apartments.

We arrived at The Peak and did the circle walk which is so lovely as it’s shaded by overhanging trees.  fullsizeoutput_311


It’s not a long walk but along the way you get panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, those amazing apartment blocks and the waterfall near Mount Austin playground.  Image 314Image 314It started off a little cloudy but towards the end of our walk we were fortunate to have clear views of Hong Kong Island…but foggy views of Kowloon.fullsizeoutput_312fullsizeoutput_315If you are wealthy enough, then a home on The Peak is for you.  The more privileged residents of Hong Kong not only have the great views but also an escape from the scorching summer heat.  When I lived in Hong Kong I was lucky enough to get invited to the home of the Australian Consulate General which is on The Peak; beautiful home with stunning gardens…wow I would have loved to live there!

But for Naomi and me it was just a visit to see those spectacular views.fullsizeoutput_310fullsizeoutput_319