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My second river cruise in Africa

fullsizeoutput_2ceWe arrived in Botswana after a wonderful time in Zimbabwe; seeing magnificent animals and the beautiful Victoria Falls.  In Botswana we stayed at the Ngoma Safari Lodge which had spectacular views across the Chobe Plains.fullsizeoutput_2d0On our first morning we were driven down to the Chobe River for a two hour cruise. Chobe boat cruises are a wonderful way to experience the Chobe National Park as you can see large herds of elephants on the shore and in the water where they come for a drink and a bath.  In the dry season an estimate of up to 85,000 elephants can be within Chobe National Park, where the majority can be found along the river.  I loved seeing every single one of them; beautiful animals!fullsizeoutput_2d7fullsizeoutput_2d6If you are lucky you can also see herds of elephants cross the river to or from the islands, when the tide is low; we were lucky enough to see this and what a sight.P1000684fullsizeoutput_2f2fullsizeoutput_2f1Water lillies were plentiful too…never tire of looking at them either.fullsizeoutput_2e5fullsizeoutput_2dcCommon sites on the river are also hippos and crocodiles.  We saw many hippos in the water and were keeping our eyes open for one on the river bank and towards the end of the cruise we finally saw one.  Suffice to say I was very excited and took many photos..this hippo had lots of battle scars on his/her body.  Our guide said they were from crocodiles – wow!!P1000589fullsizeoutput_2e7fullsizeoutput_2e8fullsizeoutput_2ebfullsizeoutput_2eaWe only saw only one crocodile who didn’t move the entire time we were photographing it…probably tired from biting hippos!!fullsizeoutput_2e3We also saw quite a few African birds on the river and some on the shore including egret, geese, storks and ducks…all lovely to see even thought many were too far away for me to get good photos [and I hadn’t worked out my new camera at that stage].fullsizeoutput_2e1fullsizeoutput_2dffullsizeoutput_2defullsizeoutput_2e4We also had the opportunity to see various other wildlife along the shore; some more interesting than others.  Our guide called the Impala ‘McDonalds’ because they have three black stripes on their bottoms which look like an ‘M’ similar to the ‘M’ of McDonalds fast food restaurants, and as there were so many of them, they are like ‘fast food’ for lions and other carnivorous animals.P1000567fullsizeoutput_2f0I did like the lovely little river cottages that were available to rent; how nice would it be to wake up each morning to beautiful views of the Chobe River and its occupants!fullsizeoutput_2ecfullsizeoutput_2edThis cruise is a must if you visit Botswana!!  We started in Botswana and made our way along the river to Namibia and then back to Botswana…a great way to spend a couple of hours.fullsizeoutput_2eefullsizeoutput_2d8fullsizeoutput_2d9