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A new cuisine to try in Canberra

fullsizeoutput_1a2A few months ago my friend Jane invited me out to dinner and said she wanted to try an Afghani restaurant near the city.  I had no idea what Afghani food tasted like so took a look at the menu on-line and it looked great with lots of vegetarian dishes so off we went.fullsizeoutput_1a8We decided on a banquet as both of us were relatively hungry and Jane suggested all vegetarian was great for me, but we really could not eat all dishes as there were so many!

We started off with a plate of samosa and Afghan pan fried flat bread stuffed with pumpkin, chopped onion shallots, coriander and spices.  Both were accompanied by a raita yoghurt dip and an Afghan chutney…Jane was being very good and did not eat the heavy samosa [I did]…that and the bread was really good.
fullsizeoutput_1a9fullsizeoutput_1b2We were then served a traditional Afghan dumpling which is steamed and topped with yogurt, chickpea tomato sauce and garnished with a little bit of mint.  Again very good and so tasty…feeling a touch full at this stage!fullsizeoutput_1aeOur next dish was called Kachaloo Loobia Korma; a chef’s special comprising a korma sauce with red kidney beans, mild spices and herbs accompanied by a really good naan bread.  As you can imagine very full by now but had to taste this delicious dish and eat the naan bread.fullsizeoutput_1aafullsizeoutput_1acAt this stage I took a little break from eating and took some photos.  It really is a lovely restaurant with great traditional ornaments, pictures and wall carpets. fullsizeoutput_1abfullsizeoutput_1a6And the iconic photograph of the young beautiful green-eyed Afghani girl who appeared on the front of National Geographic in 1985.fullsizeoutput_1a3I did find a photograph of her now on the internet [courtesy NY Times)…still with same amazing eyes just probably not staring as intently at the camera.27xp-afghan-superJumboBut back to our restaurant…still more food to come…the Banjan Boranee arrived which is another traditional Afghani dish of fried eggplant covered with cooked tomato and yogurt sauce and it was supposed to be garnished with dry mint but I couldn’t see any.  Loving this dish so much along with a separate [large] dish of rice topped with a layer of julienne caramelised carrots, sultana and almond nuts [had to pick out the sultanas but apart from that a delicious aromatic rice].fullsizeoutput_1b1fullsizeoutput_1adA really good restaurant that I must take my friend Naomi to as she lived in Islamabad for over four years and I think she would love the food and ambience which I know is similar to that of Pakistan.