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Meeting a friend in Hong Kong


fullsizeoutput_168I haven’t been back to Hong Kong since I lived in Beijing [2011-2014) when I used to travel down regularly.  So when my friend Naomi told me she was going there for a little ‘getaway’ from her home in Cambodia, I asked if I could meet here there; she was kind enough to say yes!

I took a day flight from Sydney aboard Qantas and after a glass of champagne, I watched a movie [kidnapping of JP Getty’s grandson – sad really to think the grandfather has that much money and didn’t immediately pay the ransom hence the grandson had his ear cut off], ate some lunch and checked out the little bag containing goodies…following which I promptly fell asleep for most of the flight.fullsizeoutput_14fAround 8pm I arrived into Hong Kong to lovely views.fullsizeoutput_14dAnother friend picked us up from the airport and within minutes we were on our way to our hotel in North Point on HK Island.  After checking in we went to the Executive Club for a nice glass of champagne…and with these views who can complain.fullsizeoutput_152fullsizeoutput_153And lovely views the next morning whilst having breakfast…fullsizeoutput_14cI compiled our six day itinerary as in 2008 I lived in HK and every weekend I would go out and visit not only the main sightseeing spots but also those that the locals visit.   One of the things I used to do with my visitors was take them on the tram which runs from one end of HK Island to the other…it’s a great way to see the old and new of HK Island and excellent value for $2 HKD.fullsizeoutput_15d

But before we caught the tram we walked for a couple of hours around North Point through Causeway Bay and up to Wanchai where we then caught the tram.  These really are my favourite areas especially the old streets and buildings which I love more than the new ones…P1010332fullsizeoutput_15afullsizeoutput_16a

There is a great website I used to look at when living in Hong Kong (www.discoverhongkong.com) and I would select a place to visit or something to do every weekend and found a lovely little tea museum and vegetarian dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong Park (Lok Cha Tea House).  I definitely wanted to take Naomi there as the food is wonderful as is the ambience.Image 194IMG_1371The Chinese tea selection is lengthy and once chosen it is brought over in tiny little pots with instructions on how long to steep.  Image 195Each table is also supplied with an electric kettle to pour additional hot water when your first pot is finished.fullsizeoutput_147We then took a look at the menu and we decided all dishes looked good so we ordered one of everything…mmm I would like to say our eyes were bigger than our bellies but we managed to eat everything!!02U0BMA79EC6962A3C0D4DpxWe tried two different types of dumplings, turnip cake, spring rolls, glutinous rice wrapped in leaves, cabbage rolls, mushroom buns with soy sauce and a wonderful noodle dish.fullsizeoutput_160fullsizeoutput_161fullsizeoutput_148


fullsizeoutput_145fullsizeoutput_149fullsizeoutput_14bSo much food as you can see, but we still had room for dessert [must have been too full to take pictures]!!!

Then back out onto the streets to bump into all 7.3 million Hong Kong Chinese and expats!!Image 245