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A dream come true!!

A3PjptNcRP+kwgJwKmh+mA_thumb_72After our visit to Zimbabwe and the spectacular  Victoria Falls, my friend Jenny and I made out way over the border to Botswana where we stayed at the fabulous Ngoma Safari Lodge overlooking the Chobi Plains [but more on that in another post].

We had arranged a game drive and were collected one morning where we hopped into a large open air safari vehicle with a few others.  The vehicle was not full so we were fortunate to be able to sit on a side each which afforded us each a great uninterrupted view of the plains and animals.  So I must say I was incredibly excited and could not wait to see an animal; any animal really, but in particular an elephant and if I saw one crossing the road it would be bliss…guess what I first saw…magical!PBKwFjijRpKzuKcbaMU4Mw_thumb_83Then a little way along the side of the road, our driver stopped and we saw giraffe; and plenty of them – again what an amazing sight.E6y3DOshRLi3wUGdpZ%kgQ_thumb_56LdApkKPJRtiuPbOJ3mE%Cg_thumb_759Xcc3RqxTE2jEjkL6TJnLw_thumb_6fpJ4CrdPWQ+uzjgUvESeOYw_thumb_80We drove a little further and entered the park and first up saw elephants; this time not along the roadway but eating leaves just nearby – I can’t believe I didn’t have tears as it was truly magnificent to see such a huge animal living life as it should (no cages, no real boundaries).  They were really quite close and I had to remember to look at them with my eyes rather than through a camera lens!Qd6Ti7kRSou%eqQdnHCIkw_thumb_57Dr%jIt2OTG6ew5seSEUNKw_thumb_58YoN+uKHUTTGrq6wBEx228Q_thumb_62The next animal we saw was a huge tortoise; so cute!fC2OBCATS4mbqZl56U29mg_thumb_7bThen some very sweet baboons with their babies…so nice to see and so many of them.t6BfoeTQSEiis6PkyPj8Qw_thumb_68IusJsqB2TVCxhdBSyaVQpg_thumb_6ePLYpfrLGRK2oCLT8ayZRKA_thumb_6aAnd one very cute little baby playing on the branches…RKZ3SMYISm21wjNtGwTCNg_thumb_7cAlong the way we saw some lovely birds; all beautiful colours but flying too fast for me to capture well but I did capture a magnificent vulture in a tree…waiting for some prey I guess..and how unusual is this tree – would hate to see it at night alone!5iGUVr0sQ3yTtv8YXtA_thumb_59lrz7ljozQCaVjex%sibJkw_thumb_827WjXjIuIROu5nb%1OXFZxw_thumb_6dZMXIO8b3T2qk%Rdf0EgOPA_thumb_5aAnd then zebra; boy are these a striking animal…zOYZxlwuQ0WMtWKsM%ZuOQ_thumb_76zbdng36bRH+VkrYKsaklBw_thumb_7aUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5fAnd buffalo… g9J2oERMRdqxI683ECRZvQ_thumb_61We then drove down near the Zambezi River and saw a tower of giraffe (no wonder a collective is called this).UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_69vZBP8BRZTj6AdFdZ5%2Raw_thumb_6cAnd along the way there were many (many) Impala and it was so lovely to see all the babies – unfortunately these animals are the prey for the carnivorous animals – circle of life I know.  And we also saw another large horned animal that I can’t recall the name of. WLr2wzDpT6yb2InpzFa9EQ_thumb_7e8Com0FtlTuapwp1raFyQeQ_thumb_66GR3NHys2QbKP2Y%ul9pPvQ_thumb_7fWe stopped off near the end of our drive for a cool drink and some snacks prepared by the lodge and had the opportunity to view the sun set; magnificent!gPeWpibRQciYa75gAZbGUw_thumb_81rdbAsPc9RJiiNmxko2E+ug_thumb_70What a day – words really cannot describe how magnificent this was for me.