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Return visit to a local Chinese bar and restaurant

Image 11Last month a friend of mine was departing Canberra to work in London so we met one day to enjoy some dumplings just days before she left Australia.  We were the only people in the restaurant as we arrived for an early lunch, so had the full attention of the waitress who was very friendly.  The walls are still adorned with colourful pictures and photos and there is a well stocked bar for evening drinks.Image 18Image 10I had been to this restaurant previously and had been told that the menu was going to become more extensive especially in relation to vegetarian food, so wanted to give it another go; glad I did.  There was a lot of choices for us vegetarians which was great.

I ordered the steamed tofu dumplings whilst my friend Jen ordered dumplings containing pork.  Mine were very good and came with a tasty chilli/vinegar sauce.  Jen’s were equally as good and came served with a soy based sauce.Image 14Image 15Jen also ordered the Peking duck bao and I was going to order the fried green beans but the waitress said she thought I would really enjoy the mini Jian Bing which is also known as a Chinese egg burrito.  The waitress was right; this was absolutely delicious.Image 13Image 16It’s a nice little restaurant where you can sit inside or out [we sat indoors on our visit as it was a bit warm outside] and the food is really really good.  Definitely worth a visit for anyone living in or visiting Canberra.Image 17Image 19