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Wine and wild animals – what an evening!i51fA7AjQamQdIC+B8BLbQ_thumb_48

On the afternoon I arrived in Zimbabwe, we took a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River.  I was not sure what to expect in relation to seeing animals but we saw a few which was great [and pretty exciting too I must say].  The weather was perfect which allowed for some lovely photo opportunities – but this was my first day of using my new camera so my photos are a bit ‘hit and miss’…LABrXKlEQwWRWZGloC%1Tg_thumb_3cO7NrV336S9uAbQVNR%Z32A_thumb_36It was a relatively small boat with about twenty or so of us passengers on board. On board we were offered hot and cold snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  I had some lovely local fruit and a glass of wine.  My friend Jenny enjoyed some hot chicken and a soft drink.lOszOnGwQdC3BVJ0LRNsLQ_thumb_41 And as it was the lead up to Christmas, the staff had made placed Christmas baubles onto a tree on the boat; a nice way to celebrate the festive season along with some festive music.lSZD9J5sRUeVAgkK5DDf2g_thumb_43There were plenty of hippopotamus along the way; all in the water relaxing…43bVfUPXTVeLpddNlVMtqw_thumb_49zAieIEaATRinAAANXvpX1Q_thumb_51KMd2nOJ7Rz6DVPteuqNyWQ_thumb_34R0hXCM+nQpalDzYyJPG7Sw_thumb_4bUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_45We were also fortunate to see a couple of zebra along the shore, but a bit far away to get a good shot…FzVY8cTYTlyse7icbDQ7jA_thumb_42A better shot was taken of the buffalo and the crocodile and an ok shot of a lovely blue bird. I wanted the crocodile to turn around for a facial shot but he/she didn’t.Ij+HD1JHReSybEb134vvEg_thumb_3eEBFhIoLnRLy5JQnnJKyAXw_thumb_4eqdAW6FyWTtCkxEDJ%crI5w_thumb_47As we were nearing the end of our cruise, we went close by Victoria Falls so we could see the actual spray of the falls – and at that stage I hadn’t been to the falls, I was pretty excited just seeing the spray.xOl9Y3iKRf2ToYsKcHMwHg_thumb_3fAlong the two hour cruise we also got to see some very lovely scenery…iSgp+bzxR%agXhCEbiVllA_thumb_32jE0O1LVCQmyFQV2171st3w_thumb_35LABrXKlEQwWRWZGloC%1Tg_thumb_3cAnd as we were nearing the end of our river cruise, the sun was setting and the views were truly beautiful…9e9JaJ6qSpSJQNyAFQyMyA_thumb_4f4+OZvXDqTEuSR9sOmDk2yQ_thumb_4a

A great first afternoon in Zimbabwe!!