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Midweek dinner with champagne

Image 8After I retired from work at the end of November last year, I arranged a little mid-week catch up with two friends; Jane and Natalie. I decided to return to a contemporary Thai restaurant I had been to several years ago but didn’t enjoy but since have heard very good things about the food.  I think the main reason I didn’t enjoy it previously was that it was a banquet without many vegetarian dishes.  This time I had perused the menu and the vegetarian dishes looked so tasty. Even before I arrived I knew what I was going to order.Image 6We decided to share some dishes but Nat and Jane wanted to also taste some of the meat dishes.  This gave me the opportunity to order about three vegetarian dishes as of course I don’t eat meat.

I ordered a dish of sweet potato dumplings in a Panang curry for us to share and the Chinese eggplant bun [just for me]…wow great dishes and so delicious.  The curry was really good and very filling too!!Image 2I also ordered the Thai noodle salad with Vietnamese pancake – again this one for sharing as it’s a pretty big dish.  This was also very good.
Image 1To celebrate my retirement I brought along a bottle of French champagne which we enjoyed throughout the meal.  I quite enjoy an inexpensive meal with a glass or two of champagne…Image 3Jane and Nat decided on the salmon and pork crackling tortilla with kewpie and ham jam (one each) and the BBQ pork bun again by two so they could have one each.Image 4ImageThe restaurant is located on the foreshore about a twenty minute drive from my home and has views of the lake.  It’s a very busy area in the summer as with the seats and tables outside, people come for dinner and stay a while for some drinks…some restaurants here are a little overpriced but this one is reasonable and I am sure I will return!