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No wonder this is one of the ‘new wonders of the world’…

liGRrzxFRqihXFZuiRP4SA_thumb_25On my second day in Zimbabwe, my tour guide picked me up and off we went to Victoria Falls which is located on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also known as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world (as is our beautiful Great Barrier Reef here in Australia)…and after I saw the falls, I now know why!!

My tour guide said the walk would take between an hour and half and two hours, depending on how long we stopped to take in the views.  We walked around the Zimbabwe side of the falls along a stone pathway covered with trees, plants and flowers. It was pouring down but still muggy so I decided not to wear the plastic raincoat provided by my guide.kIzjyDCqRA2zQ+pDXxgLtA_thumb_24Our first stop was to walk down thirty-eight steps to see a gully and part of the falls.  Pretty spectacular even though I couldn’t see the falls from this point as the spray was huge…still wonderful to see.jePL1QrVR1qRbA1gwnLLIA_thumb_1fUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_20We then we stopped at the statue of the Scottish missionary and explorer, David Livingstone who is believed to have been the first European to view Victoria Falls in 1855.  Mr Livingstone named his discovery in honour of Queen Victoria of Britain.TF11zRcXQP6j2fOc0JbB%Q_thumb_2aAlong the walk there are fifteen stops to view the falls from different aspects.  I loved each and every one.  Spectacular doesn’t seem to sum up these views.KSiln3CVTuS+YXZnDVMxCw_thumb_2bliGRrzxFRqihXFZuiRP4SA_thumb_25We then walked up to where the falls commence (the Zambia River) and its amazing to see how still the waters are before they ‘fall’ over the rocks.q71CJoCwTSSWL%sa%BLF0Q_thumb_28jad2I8BWQ5eNpHWDw76NmA_thumb_22One of the last stops was the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia – we saw some [crazy] people bunny jumping from the bridge…way too scary for me but when I told my brother about this, he reminded me that he had done just that when he visited Zambia many years ago.ghK8b14pQo+5CDJZhw8ppA_thumb_2dCUapKydpSxSQJ7wd2tdr%w_thumb_21What a spectacular couple of hours to see such a magnificent sight…amYq9mIdRXafKZfweiUEjQ_thumb_26KSiln3CVTuS+YXZnDVMxCw_thumb_2b