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Top floor of the Burbury Hotel – overlooking the city!

Image 15I worked in Sydney many years ago with Steve who has remained my friend since that time (some twenty-five years ago), and he has moved on becoming a partner with a large international company and comes to Canberra regularly.  One day he invited me to High Tea with him and his family.  I have had High Tea at two other hotels in Canberra, but not having been to this hotel for High Tea, I was looking forward to seeing Steve and Maree and meeting Sara and Ryan their children…and of course tasting the treats offered at a High Tea.



I arrived early and went up to the top floor where a lovely entrance way greeted me.  At that point I knew the champagne of choice was going to be Mumm (and how fortunate it’s one of my favourites)Image 10It was so lovely to see Steve and Maree and I loved meeting Sara and Ryan; who are both very lovely children.  I felt an immediate connection with Sara as she has strong ethical values and is in the process of becoming a vegan.  We chatted about that and her reasons for changing to this way of life.

Us adults started off with a glass of champagne and then my plate of separate sandwiches, quiche and salad arrived – nice quiche and sandwiches but I didn’t eat much salad as I knew cakes and pastries were to arrive.Image 17And then they did…Steve, Maree and I shared a three tiered tray of warm scones, jam and clotted cream, all types of pastries, quiches and sandwiches [non vegetarian).Image 19Image 23Sara and Ryan decided to order from the menu instead of having the High Tea which of course meant more for us!!  So I tried the macaron, miniature pavlova and chocolate eclair – very nice!Image 21After our champagne we each enjoyed a pot of tea; mine peppermint which was so refreshing as it was a pretty warm day.   This was a great way to catch up over funny stories of working in Sydney and I think it’s very special to keep in contact with good friends. Steve and I might not see each other often but I know we have a lovely friendship and it was so special to meet his children.Image 14If I had a choice I think my ideal High Tea in Canberra would be the Hyatt Hotel even though this was nice, I prefer the buffet at the Hyatt.