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Stopover at a great hotel in Abu Dhabi!

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On the way back to Australia from a trip to the UK, my brother, nephew and I made a two night stop in Abu Dhabi and chose the Intercontinental Hotel – great place to stay!

On our first night I went for a walk outside; silly thing to do – it was over 40 degrees but got to see great views of the skyline and lovely boats!!Image 130Image 1Image 2The hotel has a couple of upmarket restaurants and a buffet which is where we had our breakfast and lunch each day…so much choice – I usually had eggs on toast for breakfast and a cup of peppermint tea – a great way to start the day.Image 126Image 127Image 128My usual choice for lunch was the hummus/tabbouli/vine leaves/Arabic flat bread and a delicious fattoush (salad with mixed greens and tomato).Image 125On occasions we would sit in the foyer and chat and I would take the opportunity to prepare my photos for my posts…Image 153Image 49Image 51One afternoon we enjoyed a late lunch in the foyer cafe after we completed a ride on the hop on-hop off bus, around the city.  We ordered two burgers [Mark and Braydon] /fries [to share] and a salad [me] and vegetable samosas [to share] with coffee/wine and a couple of soft-drinks – oh my goodness I forgot how much hotel lobby cafes charge – it was incredibly expensive but good food and allowed us to relax in the air-conditioning so for us it was worth it.Image 157Image 159

Whilst we were on the bus, we got to see the city and surrounds but we didn’t get off as it was midday and the temperature was incredibly high.Image 42Image 142Image 25My nephew and brother would then take a dip in the pool whilst I would sit on the lounge chair in the shade with a little esky which the staff provide that contains ice and a cold bottle of water.  We didn’t last that long though as again it was so hot.Image 145Image 151Image 152There is also a great gym which overlooks a lovely beach area within the hotel gardens…Image 137Image 136Great cakes and pastries too…we tried a few of the Arabic sweets – delicious.Image 154Image 155Image 156The rooms were also good; spacious with wi-fi all throughout the hotel…it was a great place to stopover on our way home.