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Dinner with my usual dining companion, Jane

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It’s amazing really how many new restaurants are popping up in the city of Canberra.  One new restaurant called ‘Tipsy Bull‘ I had never been to so one evening I walked into the city and met Jane for dinner.  On its website, Tipsy Bull says it is great for a quick meal or a long night.  It’s definitely a quick meal place; we booked early [6pm] but had to be out by 8pm and that definitely occurred as the bill was put on our table just before 8pm and the waiters were hovering by to get us out for the next group of guests to be seated.  So for me that is definitely not a ‘long night’…but perhaps they mean if you eat later it’s a ‘long night’.  But no way could I eat at 8pm; much too late for me – no matter where I am, I am an early eater!

Jane told me that a drink she had previously would look good on my post [she had been here before with her husband] and it was a deconstructed gin and tonic which came served on a wooden board with everything ready to make this particular drink…very cute actually. Image 40And this was the result when constructed – and delicious so Jane told me – pretty with the rose petals.Image 38Jane and I decided to start off with a share plate of fresh bread and a selection of dips.Image 36We then ordered a dish of dutch carrots  with pistachio nuts and dukkah to share and I ordered a roasted pumpkin salad with candied walnuts, balsamic dressing and honey glaze – both delicious.  I just love pumpkin!Image 34Image 32Jane ordered the crispy fish with Korean chilli sauce and as she was still feeling hungry also ordered the lamb cutlets with a hazelnut pangrattato [I know now this is a posh word for Italian breadcrumbs] and caramelised shallots in a red wine jus.  She didn’t think she would be able to eat all the cutlets but managed to..well done Jane!!Image 35Image 33On this night we had so much fun as we arrived about 5pm [knowing we had to leave by 8pm] and over a drink, we wrote out a list of invitees for my retirement function in November..such fun…and not long until I retire!!!