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Through the eye of an archway!

I must say I have always loved taking photos of doorways but I was having a look at my photos from my time in China and realised I clearly have a love of archways also, so I thought I would show some of my favourites from all around the country.  The Great Wall of China has lovely views from its many archways and they all located at different  parts of the Wall; I think they are definitely some of my favourites.

All throughout the seasons you can find different views through an archway; snow laden parks in winter and people out enjoying themselves along the walkways of the Summer Palace.IMG_5808IMG_4169Monks can be seen through archways as well as a gardener along one of the corridors of the Forbidden City.IMG_3532IMG_5211There are branches falling over sandstone archways as well as glass archways on modern buildings in western China.IMG_3638IMG_5168There are archways on bridges in eastern China to hold the hundreds of thousands of visitors and a view of the beginning of the Ming Tombs from another.IMG_4349IMG_3546Repeating archways; some not for walking through at the Summer Palace in Chengde; others making it easy for visitors to reach the Lama Temple in Beijing.IMG_3587IMG_4178And then there are those archways that are known all throughout the world because they belong to the Forbidden City where the huge portrait of Chairman Mao sits.P1000054Some are just pretty…IMG_4008IMG_3880And others are not as pretty but still very interesting…IMG_3845IMG_4963All in all, some great archways leading to wonderful places in a fabulous country.IMG_5281IMG_4199And finally me on a bike tour with a background of archways at the Belltower in Beijing…IMG_3325