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High Tea on a Sunday Afternoon

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I think most people like a High Tea…well those of with a sweet tooth anyway.  I hadn’t indulged for many years so thought it was time to try the Hyatt in Canberra which has High Tea every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  So a couple of weeks ago my friends Ray and Natalie and I went to enjoy the delicious treats.

Parking is pretty scarce at the front of the Hyatt so we drove around the rear, parked  and entered through the back doors.  It’s a pretty fabulous old world hotel and we entered to an opulent lobby.  It’s really lovely and I think it really is a little bit nicer than the front foyer.

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We were shown to our table [a reservation is a must] where we listened to some soft music and our efficient waitress offered us a glass of Australian, Lerida Estate Zenzi, sparkling wine.

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Unfortunately the sparkling wine was very sweet so neither Nat nor I drank it but we did order a bottle of French champagne to share between the three of us.  And that was great!!

As we had arrived right on time of opening, we decided to go up to the buffet.  For those of you who have been to a High Tea, it’s usually brought out on a three tier tray with a selection of hot and cold foods. However, High Tea at the Hyatt is a buffet and what a fabulous selection of food there is, and so beautifully displayed.

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It even has a range of sweets on the top shelf of the table; all available to eat.


As soon as I arrived I realised I had left my phone at home and knew I wanted to create a post on the visit, so lucky for me, Natalie follows my blog so kindly offered to take all photos. Thanks Nat!!

After a sip of champagne, we decided to make a start and chose the hot snacks; vegetarian samosa and mini meat pies.  The three of us said that the samosa were just delicious and we went back for a second plate later.

I had pre-ordered a vegetarian plate as knew the buffet cucumber sandwiches would contain cheese.  My plate arrived and contained a cucumber sandwich, avocado sushi, a pumpkin and rocket wrap and two small spoons of mixed vegetables.

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My friends then chose an array of hot and cold savoury snacks.

We knew if we raced back to the buffet we would be too full to taste a little of everything so we decided on a twenty-minute break between courses.  At this time I ordered a pot of peppermint tea which was very refreshing.  This really is my favourite flavour of tea.

Our next course was the scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam, [a choice of plain or fruit), followed by a couple of other plates of different cakes, pavolva, mousse and pastries.  Again managing to wait twenty-minutes between each ‘course’.  As I mentioned the food was so beautifully displayed on the table and it was great to see nobody piling too much food onto their small plates.  You can go back as many times as you like, so there is no need!

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I loved all the food but definite favourites were the vegetarian samosa and the strawberry mousse…absolutely delicious.  After a couple of hours, we decided we should leave, but the great thing was none of us were so overly full as I really think the twenty-minute gap between plates makes a huge difference.

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A definite place for visitors to Canberra [and a must for those of us who live here].