Another long weekend away in Wellington


Last weekend, I travelled to Wellington for a friend’s 50th birthday.  I met my friends Hamish and his wife Nicola in Beijing and we became very good friends, so when they invited me over for the special birthday, I booked my flight the same evening as I receive my invite.

I was wondering where to stay and Nicola said to me that the QT Museum Hotel was close to where she was staying and then I remembered when I visited Wellington last October that I had gone to the restaurant located in the hotel (Hippopotamus).  So again, immediately reserved that for three nights.


I booked a room with a balcony as I wanted to have Hamish and Nicola over for drinks on the Sunday night and what better way to do this than on a little balcony overlooking  the water (well it was a fair way off but it was there).  And when I arrived close by was a great supermarket where I was able to buy champagne, cheese, dips bread and biscuits for the event.



 The hotel is amazing, it’s pretty dark all throughout and has a really strange piece on the huge table just as you are about to register…it’s a skull, a gun and a bullet that looks like it has left the gun and about to hit the skull…interesting!!


My friends kindly picked me up from the airport and we decided to have a drink at the hotel bar prior to going out to dinner.  The bar was so lovely and if you join the rewards club of the hotel (free) then you receive a complimentary drink…excellent!!


My room was on the first floor and as I left the lift I immediately saw two fabulous chairs and artwork in a glass case…pretty cool!!!


And so I knew which door was mine, there was a very interesting door knob…actually everything in this hotel was interesting!


Downstairs there is a museum which I strolled through one afternoon…lots to see…




And all around the hotel are wonderful older pieces of furniture displayed with contemporary pieces of art…again all with the mood lighting so it makes the whole floor just that little bit more special when walking through.




I didn’t eat at the hotel this time, as my friends and I ate out at great restaurants (posts to follow), but I did have breakfast one morning and it was delicious…fresh home made hash browns, grilled tomato, fresh orange juice with toast and scrambled eggs (no photo but really delicious).

As the hotel was so close to the water, I walked every morning and got to see all the fabulous homes overlooking the water (again post to follow).

Another great long weekend in Wellington!!