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Two more places I visited whilst in France

picture-293Even though my friend Sandy and I only stayed in Annecy for about four hours in 2008, I fell in love with the place.  We actually stopped there to change trains on our way to Chamonix-Mt Blanc from Lyon so took the opportunity to have a quick look around.


We thought we could leave our luggage at the station but couldn’t find lockers so we trudged around with our suitcases; at least these days they have wheels.  We took a walk around the lake which was just beautiful and it was autumn so the leaves on the trees were such fabulous colours.



I just wished we had more time!! But the other city I love is of course Paris!!  This was our last stop before we returned home to Australia and Sandy and I spent about four days there, staying in a small hotel where we could walk to the sights along the Paris streets.


Of course our first day we went to see the ‘must see’ sights.

The Eiffel Tower; both during the day and at sunset…



The Arc de Triomphe…


As well as many others but mostly I enjoyed walking along the river and though some beautiful grounds…




img_1738I loved the French architecture as I have mentioned in my other posts on France and the buildings in Paris were no different…just lovely!





Two places I had to visit during my stay were The Louvre and The Rodin Museum; both I loved.  We arrived at The Louvre when it opened and ran to see the painting of Mona Lisa then onto see Venus de Milo and some of the Impressionist paintings. What a spectacular place The Louvre is.

Then next stop was to see the sculptures and gardens at The Rodin Museum – this has been on my Bucket List for ages!




Walking around the streets of Paris is wonderful; so much to see; the many shops, interesting people and great French bakeries as well as the famous Maxim’s where obligatory items were purchased.




cimg2998But lucky we were walking as otherwise where on earth would we have parked our car???


A great trip…maybe I can return someday!