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A day and night cruise on Victoria Harbour


When I lived in Beijing, I would travel to Hong Kong regularly, sometimes for work and other times just to get out of the smog.  One weekend I booked a cruise on Victoria Harbour which not only went around the harbour but also a little further out to the container port and the Kap Shui Mun bridge.


Once on-board we got a good view of HK Island and Kowloon especially the Island’s skyline albeit not on a particularly clear day.



The cruise lasted about an hour and along the way we sailed past the Kwai Tsing Container Terminal, which is the fourth busiest port in the world with Shanghai as number one.


(source: Google images)


Then we arrived at our turning point; the Kap Shui Mun Bridge, one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world that transports both road and railway traffic, with the upper deck used for motor vehicles and the lower deck used for both vehicles and the MTR.


img_2679And on one other occasion, a friend and I took the harbour cruise in the evening on a red sail Chinese junk boat.


This cruise also lasted about an hour and we sat on lounges looking at the city skyline and at 8pm, as happens every night, we watched the ‘Symphony of Lights’, Hong Kong’s famous evening light show.


Hong Kong has quite a few harbour cruises on offer and they are definitely worth the time.  There is one cruise I would like to do and it’s to see the pink dolphins.  A friend has and said it was wonderful to see these beautiful creatures up close.


(source: Google images)