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What I think is the best Thai food I have had in years!!


I had never heard of this restaurant in Canberra until a friend of mine invited me to dinner one evening.  It’s in the centre of Canberra along the main street [for those of you who do not know Canberra it’s a pretty small main street but has several nice restaurants and a large shopping centre].


My two friends decided they would order a vegetarian dish so that we could all share and I am so glad as there were such fabulous dishes on the menu.



To start we shared the deep fried eggplant which was amazing…I think I order eggplant at any time I can when I go out I love it so much.


Then we ordered the tofu, egg and pumpkin curry with greens and also the stir fried chilli green peppercorn eggplant with green beans and chilli – I am so lucky my friends are also lovers of eggplant so I got to share more than one eggplant dish!!!IMG_2731

The food at this restaurant is so good that I went again today and my friend and I ordered the curry puffs to share for entrée, whilst my other friend ordered the duck pancakes; which he loved.



Then for main course, as I had told these particular friends about the deep friend eggplant dish and the pumpkin curry dish and told them how delicious they were, they both wanted to try them.  So that’s what we ordered to share and my friends also ordered the Crying Tiger Salad which is Wagu beef with stir fried mixed vegetables and a Thai dipping sauce called Nam Jim Jaew.  They both told me that was a really tasty dish.


Such fabulous food!! On the way to our cars, I saw a couple I used to work with in Beijing and funnily enough they were asking about a good Thai restaurant in Canberra so I was able to honestly tell them about this great restaurant.  I am sure I will be back!!