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Dinner at another Canberra Restaurant


A couple of months ago I arranged to have dinner with a few friends and for us to meet at an Italian restaurant on the lakefront in Canberra. I didn’t make a reservation as it was a Tuesday night and really didn’t think it would be booked out..how wrong was I.  I arrived at 6.20pm and the next available time for seating was 8.30pm which was too late for us, so we strolled along the foreshore and found another restaurant that my friends had been to and really liked.


The restaurant we chose was ‘C Dine Bar’ which is a seafood restaurant and oyster bar but I was happy to go there as I took a quick look at the menu and could see a couple of vegetarian options.  We walked to the front door and were greeted by a lovely big bowl with lilies and goldfish.  Inside is quite lovely with blue and silver chairs, matching blue plates and glasses and recycled timber tables .

It’s a pretty casual restaurant and we ordered some wine to share and then our food.  One of our friends who was visiting from Sydney, had recently been told she is going to China to work in Guangzhou (your old hunting ground Sophie!!) so we were also celebrating her special news. She is so deserving of this positing as she is a wonderful girl and a great worker.

I ordered the pakora which was sweet corn and vegetables deep fried with apricot chutney.  Was ok – not fabulous but certainly edible!!


My three friends decided to share and ordered the chilled seafood platter which arrived on a huge plate with balmain bugs, natural oysters, prawns, mussels, smoked salmon and pippies accompanied by two different types of dipping sauce all surrounded by shaved ice.


We also ordered the ‘Gunddi’ which is a ricotta, parmesan and roast beetroot dish with walnuts, parsnip puree and sultanas.  This looked great and very cheesy.  My friends ate this and as I only eat cheese that does not contain animal rennet I passed as the waiter could not 100% confirm the cheeses did not contain animal rennet.


My male friend who had been to this restaurant before, really [really] loves the seasoned fried chicken pieces so whilst he was a little bit full, we encouraged him to order the dish and enjoy – he did!!  It came with a black garlic aioli and something called ‘suicide sauce’…no idea why it’s called this…but it was a mixture of a caramel coloured sauce and a mayonnaise looking sauce.


It was a lovely evening but I probably won’t go back as there was not enough vegetarian food for me to select from.  Great for seafood and oyster lovers though.