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Malin River Gorge, locals mountains and a lovely Chinese lunch 


It’s day three in Guizhou Province and we have spent the night in Anshun town so we made an early start after breakfast to visit Maling River Gorge which is located about ten kilometres from Xingyi where we intending to spend the evening.  There are between sixty and a 100 waterfalls in this beautiful  gorge; all different heights and widths along with tropical and sub-tropical plants covering the rock sides.



The gorge stretches for fifteen kilometers and the river is sometimes veiled fro the many waterfalls running down the sides of the rocks. Regular rainfall and high humidity have encouraged the growth of vines and clinging plants all along the cliff walls but I think the most interesting part of this gorge are the rock formations that look like mushrooms or tapestries which hangs over portions of the man made walkways.


We reached a point on the walkway where we have the option to cross the river via a bridge and walk along the other side or keep walking on the same pathway to reach the end of the gorge.  There are several bridges that cross the river, one is extremely high and I would never have the courage to walk on that one; and another two which are not as high.


The lower bridges I didn’t want to walk on either so I stayed on the same pathway arranging to meet my friends at the end.  My pathway took me to the old beautiful stone bridge that was used to cross the water many years before.  So lovely to see.

I do think I had the better walk as near the end I had to walk under a fabulous waterfall.  Incredibly noisy with the water running so fast; really beautiful.



This next photo I took whilst at the back of the waterfall looking out – it was pretty special [and pretty wet].


Before we arrived at the bottom of the gorge we had to walk down many (many) steps and all I could think of was the return walk and how hard it was going to be, but the best news ever was given to my by our tour guide as we neared the bottom of the gorge; there was an enclosed escalator we could use to reach the top.  My two friends decided to walk back up the steps but tour guide and I took the escalator as I really dislike walking ‘up’ steps especially when there is an easier way to reach the top.  The escalator was so incredibly steep but all we had to do was stand there and all of a sudden we were at the top; easy!


After we met at the top of the gorge, we walked through the car park where some entrepreneurial Chinese had set up stalls selling lots of different things including great looking fresh fruit.  We stopped off and tried some but didn’t buy any as we were on our way to lunch and didn’t really need any snacks.


Before lunch, however our guide wanted to show us one of the local famous bridges; the cable Malinghe Bridge where we stopped and my two friends walked across (not me…too scared as the bridge was incredibly high) so the driver drove me over (the bridge swayed even as we were driving across so I dread to think how my two friends walked across it but I must admit Jo from Beijing is so not afraid of heights and was able to lean right over the side and take photos) but we met at the other end and were able to take in beautiful views of the gorge and mountains.


So then it was finally lunch time and of course we enjoyed a fabulous Chinese meal consisting of a delicious potato dish, a beef dish for my friends, incredibly fresh root vegetables and an eggplant and green bean dish in oil and chilli.  We loved the potatoes albeit a little bit spicy (but all eaten even with stinging lips) and the eggplant and bean dish was truly amazing!

Then off we went to Wanfenglin which is a forest of ten thousand peaks; a visit I will cover in another post.