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Another dinner, another Canberra restaurant


A friend of mine who lives in Sydney was recently working in Canberra so after inviting another Canberra based friend, I arranged an evening out to catch up.  As our headquarters is in Canberra, it is lovely when friends from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth come into town as it affords me the opportunity to arrange dinner and chat.  There is a nice restaurant in Canberra which is Asian and as I had been before for lunch, I booked it for dinner, as I wanted to see what it was like in the evening and with the possibility of a different menu.


The restaurant has dim lighting which gives it a nice evening atmosphere.  I arrived after my friends and they were already drinking cider and beer but as I have decided to not drink alcohol for a month, I ordered a sparkling mineral water.

The menu is extensive for meat and chicken eaters however there is not a great deal of vegetarian choices.  But I knew this and still wanted to visit.  For entree I ordered the tofu which came beautifully presented with three different types and my friends shared the Peking duck and the meat dumplings with a lovely sweet chilli sauce.


And whilst the Peking duck didn’t look that aesthetically pleasing, my friends said the ready prepared parcels were delicious.  Neither friends wanted to even try the tofu though…it’s tough to sell tofu sometimes!!

For main course I ordered an eggplant dish (no surprises here) which my Sydney friend made derogatory comments about after I had finished (which to be honest was very kind of him to wait as I was so hungry I just tucked in).   We laughed and laughed afterwards looking back on my photos.  I think if you use your imagination and take a look at my photo, you can guess what it looks like – my friend said it’s either a little bit phallic or something that happens when you walk your dog and something is left behind on the ground.  It really wasn’t a good looking dish, but I will also provide a photos from the restaurants website to show you how nice it can look.  It was tasty thought.  Apologies for being a bit rude but once you see the photo you will probably have the same thoughts.



My friends ordered the kung pao chicken dish and we shared a plate of really delicious greens which were crisp with a drizzling of oil.




Another dish my friends shared for main course was the chilli prawns which they again said was delicious.


We didn’t order any dessert as we were pretty full from the dishes we had already eaten..but a great night catching up with plenty of laughs.  Some coffee and peppermint tea to end the evening and out into the cold to drive home.  All in all, a nice restaurant but perhaps better for meat eaters.