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Dinner at Canberra’s newest dumpling restaurant


This week, friends and I went to try out Canberra’s newest Chinese/dumpling restaurant.  I also invited the friend who came to China with me as I wanted him to see if these dumplings and the eggplant dish tasted anything like what we ate in China.


The restaurant was fully booked and bustling inside with both Chinese and Australians – always a good sign to see Chinese at a Chinese restaurant – shows me it has good food.  We sat down and ordered some wine before ordering our dishes; vegetable dumplings (boiled), my favourite eggplant dish (yuxiang qiezi), my other favourite bean curd dish (deep fried bean curd with spicy peppery salt), shallot pancakes and Peking duck.  Everything came out very quickly and looked extremely appetising.  Service was very good and I got to practice my Chinese skills.


The dumplings looked better than the ones I usually buy at a local dumpling restaurant near my home but in my opinion they were not as delicious.


The shallot pancakes were really good and my friends said the Peking duck was delicious.

IMG_2604  We enjoyed the evening very much and spoke about our recent travels to China including some amusing stories that my other friends could relate to having lived in Beijing for two years.


And my friend Jon did say the dumplings were good and the eggplant tasted like the dishes he had in China…it’s a restaurant I shall return to.